2000 Mules: Why I Changed My Mind About the 2020 Election | Dinesh D’Souza | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Dinesh D’Souza, director of the controversial new documentary “2000 Mules”. Dinesh describes his initial thoughts about the 2020 election and why True the Vote’s geotracked cell phone data and security camera footage of ballot dropboxes changed his mind. He also explains how Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk, and Sebastian Gorka helped bring additional skepticism to some of the claims made in the film. Dinesh explains in detail the election irregularities that appear to be revealed by the data from True the Vote. He discusses how the cell phone data of “mules” enabled them to link them to security footage of people possibly participating in ballot harvesting and how they may have manipulated ballot drop boxes. Dinesh also gives other possible explanations for what is witnessed on the security camera footage and responds to criticism of the film’s claims.

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0:00 Intro
2:36 Why Dinesh D’Souza Decided To Make 2000 Mules
4:43 How Dinesh D’Souza Decreased Political Bias When Creating 2000 Mules
7:25 Investigation Methods In 2000 Mules
11:10 Who Employed The Ballot Mules?
15:46 Addressing Criticisms Of The Movie
19:13 Where Do The Ballot Mule Employers Receive Their Money?

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  1. The Democrats have a history of cheating elections . While the Republicans cry foul the Democrats never ever get in trouble . So why not do the same as the Democrats? I know 2 wrongs don't make a right but if there's no punishment for doing wrong has there been a crime committed ? No !!!! The Republicans are weak . It's why I'm no longer a Republican and now independent. That Party only cares about Florida and Texsas . Prove me wrong ? Tell me the last time you heard a Republican with any prominence at all talk about a state other than those 2 ? They are a party of cowards , weaklings and excuse makers . Another thing republicans cry about is how much money a person donates to a candidate . If a candidate has 600 million dollars and I don't agree with any of their policies at all that doesn't mean I'm gonna go vote for them !!!!!!! Are you people idiots ???? George Soros gave Hillary 600 million that means I should drop everything I believe in and go vote for her ? Alot Republicans sound stupid . I love your Podcast but sometimes the people you get on with the excuse they have make me roll my eyes in disgust.

  2. The only question I have about the 2020 elections this. They say it was the most secured election and any claims have been debunked. But if they never investigated any of the claims then how do they know they've been debunked? If you remember every one of the rulings about claims was that there wasn't enough evidence to launch an investigation.

  3. These mules are dumb. All they had to do was leave their cellphones home, and their usurping would have been almost the perfect scam. All we would have is the Time magazine article admitting election laws were changed to get 🍊 👨 out.

  4. The 2016 election process was NORMAL….going to the ballot and casting your vote was extremely normal.
    The 2020 election was the most unique election process of our lives….with a longer window to vote and massive mail in voting.

    We are only allowed to question ONE of these elections……….

  5. Between 2000 Mules and What is a Woman?, conservative documentaries are kicking ass. The Hasan Abi's of the world can do no more than live in denial and gaslight, but I imagine the sane old school Democrats (few as there are) and moderates might be moved by such expose's. Especially if more facts are able to come out. It seems like True the Vote has much more but they are trying to be strategic and protect themselves as well.

  6. I have not seen 2000 mules
    I assume the mules were brainwashed ordinary people…. ?
    If everyone who packed the ballot boxes woke up and came forward …..
    What would happen ?

  7. Don't count the Dems out this November. What were Trump's re-election chances prior to two weeks to flatten the curve, violent and destructive riots, and election fortification?

  8. Dinesh doesn't mention that their criteria for someone "dropping off ballots" was just being within 100 feet of a dropbox. They imply it is much more accurate than that, and people that already think the election was stolen don't care. You're getting grifted and you're happy about it.

  9. I have a few questions: (1) Was this same exercise conducted to potentially see if the same was done by Republican's? (2) Are you concerned by this movie coming out that they will come up with a more discreet way to cheat for upcoming elections? Thanks Dinesh for all that you have done to uncover this cheating scandal!!

  10. Geo tracking of phones is old technology, I work for a shitty little courier company and they geo track all their drivers , it’s very, very effective and it’s dead on accurate, they can tell if I’m within a few feet of my location……so all leftist widow licking no common sense can just stop with your excuses

  11. Most people with a brain knew this was going on, but were afraid to admit it. The election results made no sense for many reasons. It's just a matter of releasing little bits of solid evidence over time to get people to see this wasn't just a conspiracy theory. 2k Donkeys is a very important piece of information people need to see.

  12. Funny what he said about Brad Raffensberger and not knowing whether he was holding the investigation back…Here in Georgia, nobody could believe when he & Kemp won after what they pulled in 2020 with Stacy Abrams & then counting the exact same votes over & over instead of counting what he was supposed to be counting.. Both of them are liars and have all kinds of conflicts of interest besides each other!

  13. What you are doing here is sowing doubt, without hard evidence, in our electoral system: who knows if the vote can be counted accurately? It is possible to count votes accurately. The U.S. has such a system.
    The basic question is: were the votes deposited in the drop boxes legitimate votes or not? The votes are identifiable to the electoral officials. It does not matter if someone merely dropped someone's vote at a drop box.
    Dinesh, we should recall, it hardly an expert in democracy. He pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud in 2014 and was sentenced, only to be pardoned by President Trump.

  14. If there are 2000 mules then there must be video of one of them depositing to a ballot drop box multiple times. Right? Where is that video which I can watch, showing one person depositing multiple times?

  15. One of our most sacred rights afforded us by this great Constitutional Republic is the right to vote for the government we want to represent us! This early voting garbage and mail in voting only opens this privilege we have to fraud. Voting should be limited to one day which should be a holiday for everyone and should be done with voter ID!
    Absentee ballots very limited to military and overseas government employees. Damn the inconvenience…if it’s so important to you to vote you will cancel anything else on your agenda and show up to vote! One person…one vote…both vetted by photo ID!

  16. Tell this fuck they dont look like homeless people,,,,the bitch an the dress doesn't look homeless ,,,the bitch that realizes the ballots aren't all signed ,,an goes back to her car to fill them out isn't homeless ,,,,fuck these assholes making up excuses for TREASON,,,

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