20,000 MORE Afghan’s A Disaster Waiting To Happen (After 5 Months) Says MP In Last Speech

‘Our country has a proud history of providing a safe haven to those fleeing persecution’

‘Service personnel & Government officials who stayed on the ground in Kabul… represented the best of Britain’

Late Labour MP Jack Dromey’s last speech in Parliament, made only yesterday.


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  1. One big fuk up the uk should not have sent one service person or sent 1 penny to Afghanistan. But now we are stuck with 200000 plus Afghanistan refugees wen we can't even help our own British home grown people with health care housing and all the rest the British people pay for but are fuked out of by thr uk corrupt government

  2. This is not our problem we can not simply take every body.we have enough ILLEGALS coming here as it is.we have homeless people living in this country that do NOT get any support whatsoever.he should take them to his house if he is so concerned.

  3. Usual suspects estolling all the virtues of freedom and democracy for others while doing sweet FA for protecting those same virtues in our own country, anyone would think they are just using our belief of our own treasured values, to help bring about their dismantling and removal for their own agenda!

  4. Hmmm… so, I'm gonna take a guess at this an say they're getting them over here to bump up the figured of compliant people so they can drive thier agenda forward, as no doubt they will be subject to all the restrictive measures they're trying to push on us…

  5. Why cant these people fight their own war, stay and face their oppressors. No one else has been able to do it fo them, why cant they do it themselves instead of running away. Cowards. Send Tony Blair there to help them. Tosser. Surely they should and want to go to places that share their beliefs, values and way of life? Why do these MPs hate their own country and us so much? Does this man want them in his little village? If so, why does he hate his village so much?

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