2020 Is Crazy Enough, WHERE Did Covid-19 Come From??

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Andrew of Don’t Walk, RUN! Productions (@DontWalkRun on Twitter) examine the origins of the virus now threatening the leader of the free world.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I think it was intentionally released and I think democrats made a deal with China behind closed doors. What a coincidence that the guy who was in bed with China the most during his 47 years is the candidate for the democrat party and Pelosi said “China would prefer that Joe Biden wins.” I think it was a coordinated effort to steal an election and bring all the power to China and the democrats.

  2. That is called prelude to a war. You weakened the opponent economy, disrupt management system and destablized social unity before the fireworks start.

  3. we know it came from a lab in wuhan. there's no doubt about that. I don't think it was intentionally released but that once the chinese government knew it was out sent people from wuhan all over to spread it. That would explain why so many people from wuhan arrived all across the states in big cities with in days of wuhan being shut down.

  4. My problem is reports from 5 years ago in Europe about concerns of a virus being spliced from the corona virus found in a bat and the SARS virus being created in a lab in wuhan. Look into it tim maybe I got fooled but that’s what convinced me that it’s a lab virus

  5. Tim, for one thing, the first cases are NOT CONNECTED to the wet market, so…. and the Lab is like three blocks down… and I have seen video showing that this virus jumped far to easily to humans just to be from a bat in nature. It seemed to be cultivated and passed through a few generations already.

  6. It was made in the level 4 bio lab in Wuhan, and was partially funded by the US. It's a chimera, plain and simple. COVID19 is also PATENTED. If its natural, having a patent would be highly illegal. We are all soldiers in a Real biological-economic, digital war on our freedom and overall way of life.

  7. No the bat virus in a wet market has been debunked months ago. Labs in India and Germany have confined this is man made. You really really need to look into how, who, and where it came from.

  8. I do believe it was manufactured, but I don't think it was released on purpose. I think they took advantage of it AFTER it was accidentally released. They knew it was big shit they were in so they wanted to spread it around as much as possible to, 1st) Possibly obscure it's origins to blur blame, and 2nd) To make sure EVERYONE had to deal with a population and economic hit instead of just them. Set everyone to equal

  9. wait a minute… If war nowadays means manipulation of media, then could that mean that Netflix putting up cuties was because of WAR??????