2022’s Impending Media Bloodbath

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  1. CNN: our journalists are the best at digging deep and finding the hidden truth!

    Also CNN: we had no idea these people who work for us were the worst kind of scum to walk the planet.

  2. The stuff about Joe is fascinating. Hes demolishing them at practically no cost to him. For every viewer that he loses he probably gains a couple more with these articles. What's worse is that the public can go listen to the podcast and think for themselves, rather than have their thoughts prepared and packaged for them

  3. QAnon was regarded as being totally lunatic and indeed there were some less than sane aspects but the focus on paedophilia, which was also something Alex Jones constantly alluded to, appears to have been spot on. The strength of denial from MSM appears to be directly proportional to the veracity of the allegations.

  4. Did not all of these people have their careers start while the noncery was going on at Lolita Island? you know where Epstein was having parties with celebrities, presidents of the USA etc etc

  5. CNN should have been brought to court and dismantled the moment their director was on tape saying how they're a "popaganda company" and that "they (demos) would never have won the election without them" and without their "misinformation". The director's words, on tape.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if most of CNN’s views are from you guys watching. I mean who does genuinely watch Leftist Media ? It’s cringe beyond repair and more inaccurate that Kenedy’s new Star Wars saga.

  7. Here is my issue with all this, and if this is addressed in the video I apologize.

    The death of main stream media has been a much Trumpeted horn and one that I personally feel has been blown one too many times.

    The US has this new Trusted News Source Initiative bs that will make sure these companies have some kind of trough from which to feed. It is notable that before the election of Trump there were more than a few news pieces here in Eagleland that asked for a government bailout of news media.

    What makes me skeptical is the political cycle here in the US tends to dictate how long these institutions last. Whenever a Democrat (their favorites btw) is in power and Congress is Democrat controlled there are no ‘issues’ and thus no ‘news’

    A split Congress (Republicans control one or both chambers of Congress) is terrible and proof of ‘Exceptional American Racism’
    A Republican president is now a direct attack on ‘Our Democracy.’

    What I’m getting at is that when democrats are in power these ‘news’ organizations intentionally do not report and bury any actions of malfeasance. When Republicans hold any power whatsoever everything is malfeasance, thus providing job security and a temporary bump to these flailing, failing institutions.

  8. Basically the Media is freaking out that majority of people can see.(This is from They Live)A lot of people are fighting back against the MSM put on the shades and expose the Media.

  9. CNN = Cretinous Crazy Nonces..

    Joe Rogan is without doubt more entertaining, educational, intellectually stimulating and truthful in one show than a year of all of the world’s mainstream outlets combined. Fact-check that Fact Checkers (another name for media tarts who are economical with the facts).

  10. I think tuckers numbers here are under reported they don't include anywhere except his show on cable but typically fans upload his full episodes and get a few million views in total per day

  11. For people who don't know, "mass formation psychosis" is basically "mob mentality" or "mass hysteria". When they say that "mass formation psychosis" isn't real, they're trying to convince you that a large group of people cannot be manipulated, usually through fear, into becoming a violent, single-minded force. They are flat-out lying, and they know it.

    Also, it shouldn't matter, but for the record: I have a Master's in Anthropology and had plenty of courses in Psychology, including Psychological Anthropology. I can assure you that any honest psychologist would never agree with these supposed "experts".

  12. I have long thought there must be a large market for genuinely unbiased, impartial, objective news coverage. Surely, I thought to myself, even the most hardcore partisan ideologues get sick of being lied to eventually. It seems that Joe Rogan has tapped that market.

  13. Mass Formation Psychosis has more substantiated evidence to support its existence than the cult of critical race theory and the climate cult combined.

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