A 6 News Australia host had a rather interesting blooper happen during their coverage of the lockdowns ordered by Daniel Andrews in Australia.

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  1. "No it won't! It will not!"
    In New Zealand we used to have the billboards that had quotes like that on one side then the words "yeah right" on the other.
    I long for the New Zealand of the 90s.

  2. the entire layout for the has been done. there is over a thousand different groups running all possibility's to fight against this population. People need to stop obeying their rule and just follow the heart and soul. The bad eggs well they get cooked yeah but thats just the way it goes

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing our video – just a note regarding the video description, the presenter was actually from the ABC (their watermark is in the lower right corner) – we just shared the video onto some of our social media platforms! Thanks for noticing 🙂

  4. So you’re getting at her for making a mistake? Wtf is wrong with this channel? She made a speech mistake and now you’re implying that the lockdown will be until 2070. This channel was so good before and now it’s like a vulture, just picking whatever meat is left on the bone

  5. "oh shit, you mean im NOT supposed to read the script notes outloud? oops" the amount of fear on her face and in her voice after saying that "mistake" tells an interesting tale

  6. Wasn't the whole idea of taking precautions to flatten the curve? I'm talking about before all the lockdowns and mandates? We were trying to not overwhelm hospitals by taking precautions to slow the spread. Why have we lost touch with the original goal? Why does everyone think it's magically going to go away?