2+2=5 Critical Theory : The Crisis of Common Core

Trump has banned critical theory from government institutions. What are the effects of government education programs on students both within schools and outside education? Let’s examine the impact of U.S. government programs on education.
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Written by Aydin Paladin


  1. Taking social psych classes was required for my systems engineering degree so I completed them, albeit with reluctance. Stereotype threat sounds like poor statistical inference and affirmation bias, does it not? I'm talking about (Steele, Aaronson, 1995) specifically. First it's called a "theory" which it's not, then they use SAT scores as their only measure of IQ which was entirely word-of-mouth. They also used ANCOVA with a Chi-Squared analysis (having a continuous variable of race oversimplified to a binomial) which essentially made the whole "SAT score" thing pointless. It's like saying boiling water (373K) and warm water (305K) are basically the same thing when viewing a 0-1000K scale. You have affirmed your hypothesis upon technicality, and not reality.

  2. As a mathematician and someone passionate about maths education, it's very interesting reading these comments. I find it neat how difficult so many people seem to find it to abstract other methodologies in their mind for learning things aside from the way that they learned it, and the visceral and often angry reaction to changing methods is truly bizarre to me.

  3. Jeez Louis how long is it going to take people to realize that race isn’t real it Is a social construct but at the same time there are physical genetic differences. Granted they are ones that get mixed up when races intermingle. still. People are ridiculous. critical race theory is wonky. Just treat people the way you would like to be treated. Golden rule. Be decent. Thank you and good night.

  4. According to his logic, as 1.5 can also be rounded to 2;

    1.5+1.5=3, therefore 2+2=3
    But 2+2=5 as well, so 5=3

    This is insane, this doesn't even work using rounding (3 could never round up to 5, and vice versa). Better leave maths as it is, which is correct!

  5. It seems more like an attempt to push a postmodernist view of math, given the drive to have no real right answer sounds very postmodernist. They do hate objective reasoning after all and if you can remove all forms of it from schooling you can produce a population with no concept of objective concepts leaving them very open to the idea that nothing is truly right. This leaves the door open for ideology to be the deciding factor which seems the case as anything found to refute the current far left talking points to just be "white supremacy" with no real thought into how said thing really is. It is in effect teaching kids to not think in my opinion which is why the questions are so muddled in the current rendition of math taught today. I hope I am utterly wrong but given they actively avoid teaching critical thinking these days it may very well be.

  6. In my personal experience.
    NCLB isn't the only reason why common core fails, but it is why the education system has failed for two decades. The damage done over the course of NCLB will not be fixed for decades, if ever. Colleges and Universities are already consumed with 'critical theory' based courses, and unless the country as a whole pushes back on it, its not going anywhere.

    As for math reforms, we'd be better off taking the Japanese or Korean mathematics route, with the caveat that the changes being over the course of several years, to allow society to catch up naturally. Attempting to simply shove new math on the table will confuse both teachers and parents which will then reflect poorly on the students.

    As for the removal of 'critical theory' I agree with removing it. It is anathema to the United States and more importantly to personal freedom. I will be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my skin.

  7. Man I wish Math was a social construct, then I could tell my Engineering Professors that I don't feel their analysis on a Finite Element Structure is appropriate or accurate to the real world, and that the software program is just systemically racist

  8. We live in a post truth society where you have to except everyone, but no one has to except you. Everything that was once frowned upon, is now accepted and you are a fundamentalistextremist if you don't follow suit.

    Revelation 13:15
    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

    Here is what the vaccine is really for –

    Proverbs 13:24
    Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

    Discipline is the key to success and most parents hate their children by ignoring them. You become your surroundings.

  9. While mathematics clearly aren't racist. Critical Race Theory is a legitimate theory and it believes that anyone of any race can be racist. However it is predicated on the concept that the devolpment of race science by imperialist nations, who classified themselves as white or caucasian, to justify their subjugation and mistreatment of others is kinda like Pandora's box. Now that the concept of race is out there it cannot be put back and even if the wider racist concepts from that era are pushed aside many modern institutions were created with those influences. And that so long as those influences remain people that were classified as a certain disparaged race in the past will still be subtly disparaged even if the concept of race were to die out.

    Obviously that makes some logical sense. However just like any base theory on anything political it can be taken too far or be warped by bad actors. However it does not make the base line untrue. Marx got a certain truth of how class systems work and how the interests of the owner class and the worker class were opposite but the owner class had more power. But obviously I am not advocating for Stalin or Mao to make a return.

    Additionally the problem with objectivity is that we live in a world that is inherently subjective because we exist both a part and separate from it. You and I may see a ball and both call it red due to cultural training to recognize that color. However. If you were to perhaps hack into my head with psychic powers or through a computer you might see that what I see as red is what you see as green but we both call it red. So objectively is it red or is it green? Both? Neither? This is the problem. Objectively it is something we all call red but perceived in different ways. Culture operates much the same way. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes murder is wrong. But the definition of murder changes on culture and time period.

    So often times many people appealing to objectivity believe their subjective view of the world is the objective truth. They may say "Murder is wrong" is objective. And on the surface and in general yeah it's true. But then you gotta ask what do they mean by murder and what do they mean by wrong? Certainly many morally wrong things are legal. And certainly sometimes the moral thing to do is illegal. So you could be both wrong and right. Legally wrong, morally right. The comes murder. Is it the immoral killing of another? The illegal killing of another?

    Often the people who use this plea to objectivity get caught in their own snare. One minute they say it is morally wrong and therefore should be legally wrong to have an abortion. While then just after justifying the actions of people do morally wrong things with the excuse that it is legal.

    Objectively then if something is morally wrong should it be legal or illegal then? The answer then is, at least as far as that whole ordeal is concerned it can become ambiguous and that objectivity is nearly impossible to have beyond the realm of physical action.

    "A man moved his head from one side to the other horizontally" Is a theoretical objective description of something that happened. However "A man shook his head no" is a subjective statement. Because if you were from Albania the first statement would be interpreted as "A man shook his head yes" is their culture interpretation of that objective fact.

  10. Even before 2+2=5, modern math teaching is already problematic. They only taught application without the need to proving and analyzing them. I hate the fact that I have learned more on internet than I have in school.

  11. How to tell and show black kids they can be good at math?
    Not do math in protest.
    Yup. Sitting at the start line / finish line is the fastest way to finish the race.

  12. One possible line of inquiry would lie in the efficacy of implementation of common core itself. There is a trove of stories detailing how teachers were never given ample opportunity to actually learn the common core method prior to implementation and common core has only faced resistance ever since. The challenge to this aspect of the story is whether there have actually been any studies examining this aspect, potentially relegating this to anecdote and speculation.

  13. fun reminder: in 1984 it was specifically stated they would eventually say 2+2 doesnt equal 4, it is so absurd that they would do it just to make people more subservient

  14. ***FACEPALM!****
    Here we go again.
    (This issue PISSES ME OFF SOOOO SEVERELY I ask the readers forgive the overuse of caps)
    The basic question is written as WHOLE NUMBERS with no decimal fractions involved – therefore objections involving them are non-applicable.
    So long as the topic (object, feature, etc) is selected and remains constant, ALL OTHER VARIABLES ARE IRRELEVANT!!!
    To that end, 2+2 ALWAYS = 4
    Example 1)
    2 atoms (He & C) + 2 atoms (Xe & Lr) = 4 atoms
    Their subatomic composition, atomic number, weight etc., doesn't matter- IT'S 4 ATOMS.
    Example 2)
    2 birds (domestic Chicken & Kakapo) + 2 Birds (Bee Hummingbird & Andean condor) = 4 birds
    Domesticated or Wild, flight ability, size etc., means nothing to the question – THE TOTAL NUMBER OF BIRDS IS 4.
    Example 3)
    2 stars (Sol & Proxima Centauri ) + 2 stars (Sirius & R136a1) = 4 stars.
    Again, ALL other characteristics such as luminosity, mass etc., DO NOT MATTER; THE ANSWER IS 4 STARS.

  15. I was today years old when I became a simp. Aydin your video essay format, your topical approach, and honestly your rational lean towards facts gathered data has won my attention. I'm about 9 hours in to various excerpts of your channel, and i expect I'll be here for a long time, Deus te benedicat.

  16. I'd say that 2.4 + 2.4 = 4.8 and rounding still don't make 2+2=5

    That would be saying that you round the left of the equation after you round the 4.8. If you round each 2.4 as you're going you still get 2+2=4

    Jusr because 2.4 rounds down to 2 and 4.8 rounds to 5 doesn't mean the same thing as 2+2=5

    It means exactly what it says. 2.4 + 2.4 = 4.8 and 4.8 rounds up to 5
    I don't see the use in rounding these things to create some new paradigm, only as a thought experiment.

  17. i found it so frustrating when getting into the workforce in Land Survey and finding that calc and trig are totally needed in real world problems. if they had taught with real world applications like i don't know heading out to the footballl field and plotting a road centerline and curves with bearings and a chain i might have actually been interested, and i didn't have any problems in math i am just saying it is a shame that it could have been interesting and it was not