[251] Chris Hedges On Assange, Donziger, & The US Prison State

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Chris Hedges, the author and presenter of “On Contact” on RT, joins Lee Camp for a conversation around his latest book about teaching in American prisons. They also discuss corruption in the media and the U.S. System of Justice. The persecution of Julian Assange and Steven Donziger have garnered attention over the last few weeks for their egregious displays of judicial corruption in service of the world’s most powerful people. Hedges provides context for your outrage in their cases. He then reveals his experiences teaching prisoners in maximum security facilities and expresses support for incarcerated people who have chosen to protest their living conditions.

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Jaffer Khan reports on another case of judicial corruption from Tennessee. A judge in Rutherford County has been exposed by ProPublica for sending, mostly black, children into juvenile detention at an outrageous rate. Her court recently settled an $11 million fine over their corruption but a lot more needs to be done to protect children from her court.
Anders Lee ends the show with a look into the history of the French people’s 19th Century experiment with Democracy now known as, “The Paris Commune.” The commune was short-lived and extinguished brutally but it has echoed through left-wing history.

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  1. Awesome to see you here with Chris!
    But seriously, how is this only 15 minutes?

    Your should be speaking to guests of this caliber for 3 hours…. think like Rogan if just about this!

  2. If Martin Niemoeller were alive today, he might consider starting his famous poem with…. first they came for the journalists, then they came for the attorneys……

  3. I hope to get a copy of this book. It sounds really amazing, and the topic is so important.

    Another book I recommend is called "The Shame of the Prisons", by Ben Bagdikian. A very different sort of book, but it had a big impact on me, years ago.

  4. Why bring kangaroos into it ffs they cop enough shit gettin culled all the time you protesters should know better than to use a non human animal to represent human sickness yeo that ain’t right.

  5. Preska, Kaplan and the CEO of Chevron belong in prison. For that matter , Trump and Bien belong in prison. We have no law in America for the rich and powerful and their puppets. Occasionally they allow a sacrificial goat to go up for something but really those people know their families will be taken care of.

  6. What?? You mean a promise from the US government that they don't ""plan"" on torturing Julian to death isn't good enough, what more do you whiners want from your galactic empire??

  7. They will accept the appeal against assange; the point is to torture him and lock him up. Keeping the trial going keeps him locked up. Hell die in prison, simple as that. Considering the judge was reading the newspaper during the last trial, that seems like the obvious conclusion. And the western world pretends to care about human rights what a joke.

  8. What a catastrophic blunder the NYT made in letting Chris go. He is a 👏brilliant gentleman whose speeches, writings & real life actions are second to none. Thanks for having him on the show, Lee.

  9. I honestly don't know why Donzinger is being so compliant. They would have to come put hands on me before I EVER complied with these satan-loving monsters. I would not have complied with ONE DAY of house arrest. They would have to FORCE me, with force, to do what they want. I would NEVER cooperate willingly. You FIGHT the demons, you don't lift one finger to help them. I really wish Donzinger could find that fight inside himself again.

    ITS ALL SATANIC-LEVEL PSYCHOPATHY. Doesn't scare me a bit. It sucks, but it just makes me more convinced these demons are damned and if I EVER have a chance I'm going after them 1-fucking-1000%!!!!!

  10. Nothing will change until the boomers die off. Everyone in states like Georgia are terrified of the police. Most white boomers here like it that way. I don’t, but they do.

  11. Sit down and watch this video with a friend and family member, comrades. Explain to them Chris Hedges qualifications and history. Hedges is not just some crazy random dude. This will surely begin to radicalize them (possibly after they go into denial).

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