28 Years Of NAFTA: How It DESTROYED Dems, Elected Trump | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look back on the disastrous economic results from NAFTA in middle America that lead to Trump getting elected and Dems eroding working class support

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  1. Bill took away our good paying jobs and his wife made sure that universal health care would never be implemented. These 2 did so much damage to this country, no Republican could of ever achieved!

  2. Perot was the Only one against it. Both bush sr. And Clinton were all for it. As a kid that grew up in Inkster Detroit, I saw first hand how right Perot was when he said "NAFTA will lead to the down fall of Detroit city and echo destruction through the Midwest and all of America and it's working men and women"

  3. I don't think that NAFTA is the problem. The working class never hollowed out because of NAFTA. If that was the case Mexico would be the richest country around. The problem is globalization and China. China is now overtaking the USA as the biggest economy in the world. Not mexico. That has nothing to do with nafta.

  4. Nafta did its damage. Unchecked immigration is currently doing more damage (low wages because MILLIONS of undocumented workers WILL work for less than American citizens). Nobody seems to care.

  5. I am a Canadian. I am not sure why NAFTA is specifically blamed. We have steel towns that have been wiped out. Our textile industry is gone. Light manufacturing has all gone to China – not part of NAFTA. Not having read this report, I don’t know the details, but, the world changed, consumer needs have changed. It is foolish to think that after 28 years everything will stay The same. I hear the horseshoe industry was wiped out by the car. That does not make the result on jobs and community any better, but, if someone wanted to build a set of statistics on NAFTA being the cause of all this it should be easy if you ignore all the other factors. I would say that adding Mexico with its very low labour costs to a Canada/USA deal seemed strange. The US and Canadian economies are so very similar from the perspective of consumers, education and technology that it made Mexico a magnet as a source for cheap labour. I think the US was hoping to reduce the migration North if there were jobs in Mexico, but Mexico’s problems run much deeper.

  6. This isn't just NAFTA, you literally just described the inherent problem of capitalism. Under a capitalism ethos, if you can outsource it, automate it, or make it cheaper elsewhere, it would be absurd not to. Businesses big or small will not undercut their profits to prop up American communities, and they have the strongest lobbying power to ensure policies that help them make more money will get passed. No American political party is even remotely ready to address this problem, but Republicans promote big business policies with glee to a level that makes no sense for people to become Republicans because Democrats promote business policies too.

  7. In the Senate in 1993:
    34 republicans voted yes for Nafta; with 10 No.
    27 Democrats voted yes: with 28 no.

    Yup Breaking points let's not be idiots and pretend through implication that the Democrats are enemies of the working class while Republicans aren't; I guess it's about increasing those view numbers and grifting to moron Trumpers/Jimmy Dores who think that Tucker Carlson's perspective is somehow "ANTI-ELITE!".

  8. As long as we got tons of cheap crap, Neoliberalism would be fine. However, we don't, really. We got monopolies. And for lots of cheap stuff???? I was looking for some cool (I think) tweed country wear trousers. You can't find any in America. Shopping on-line to England, I found a great selection of actual WOOL pants (it's COLD in NW PA) PLUS they weren't that expensive. The cheapest wool dress trousers here are around $100. Actual British tweed wool trousers in a HUGE assortment of patterns is about $160 from England. If you can find it in America, it's $200 and more.

  9. My friend, BS Physics, MBA. Me, M.S. Chemistry. He got shipped around. My 1st 15+ working years, bouncing around trying to get a toe-hold. We ended up OK in our mid 40's back in our home area of NW PA, but we are really the exeption.

  10. Lets not forget the Telecommunications Act…. In case anyone forgot how we got to this glorious state of pathetic hackery that qualifies as “journalism” today… What could possibly go wrong with empowering billionaires to buy up every media outlet they can get their hands on and dictate propaganda narratives.(that gate swings on both aides if the aisle to be clear)

  11. Bout time you simple young people realize this… but it wasn't just clinton …bush was for it also… Perot was the rich business guy that America SHOULD have voted for…

  12. I just realized my parents lost their blue collar jobs in El Paso Texas at Tonka due to NAFTA. My parents never recovered from that blow. Both immigrants from Mexico. Both on disability with no retirement now. They heavily depend on my help which motivates me further to do more to help them and my own family. Great segment

  13. Clinton is up there with FDR and LBJ that were terrible Presidents yet democrats bend over backwards to rewrite history. Also yet again Krystal just doesn’t understand actual republicans and thinks we are all RINO chrony douchebags

  14. 1,000% correct. 3,000 jobs x 1,000s of towns meant millions of jobs lost. Basically eradicating the middle and lower class workers, displacing people from the familiar and family. Add in other aspects like the Sadler's poisoning of millions of depressed people with oxy-contin. Common thread: greed of the 1-10% at the cost of everyone's else's livelihood. Result: leaving people with nothing left to lose and not enough education to understand what has happened to them and DJT's and the Reps before him BS populist rhetoric and they migrated to burn it all down, like it happened to them. And here we are now 🙁 with not enough of safety net, 2-3 McJobs that can't keep a family together, etc. A tinderbox going off ….

  15. Businesses aren't here to build your country or make your life better. Government forces them to do that, but they Will do what they have to to make a bigger profit then there nearest competitor's. The horrible thing is when people start to think these businesses are our friends, cause they will also take advantage of your loyalty and put you out to dry when they are done with you. The larger the company the worse it gets.

  16. Don't forget that globalization depended on cheap fossil fuels to transport goods across the world, and now the same people who profited want to restrict our standard of living for climate change. We can start taking climate change seriously when the largest offenders are put to death.

  17. Nobody sincerely predicted any different outcome. And don't fool yourself into thinking that the destruction of rural communities was merely an accidental side effect. It was one of the primary goals. The elites on both sides hate you and want you dead.

  18. To say it takes away from racial issues is the snarkgnorant Twitter lib viewpoint, NAFTA was disperatly bad on communities of color, like African Americans who used to do low income labor in America before it was moved away. Libs dont care about black people like conservatives, facts.

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