$28,000 for 8 hours of training #grill’d

#corporatewelfare #auspol #heisesays
Grill’d apprenticeships are a clear example of wasted taxes. People shouldn’t get angry at Grill’d, they should get angry at the government.


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  1. Meanwhile in NSW the premier wanted to install a third flag pole on the harbour bridge. Any guesses how much he approved it for? 1mil? 5mil? 10mil?!? No no 25million dollars to install a flag pole. So you would think it would at least be installed In a month with that price tag? No end of the year! The plans been scrapped now but if you want really money and not chump change, flag pole installer for NSW government is a good career move.

  2. i wouldn't mind moving to a different country for work myself, all the interesting stuff is abroad anyway, theres nothing to do here in aus
    unless your from a wealthy family you wont be able to do anything technically satisfying

  3. I agree Heise. But federally, taxes don't actually pay for spending. Unlike your private debt, no citizen will ever have to pay back the Govt balance sheet. Have you ever owed money to YOURSELF in the currency you create? That is different to owing it to someone else. And every $1 dollar in Govt Deficit is $1 of Surplus somewhere in a private bank accout, and vice versa.

    Whether it was spent into the private economy well is another matter. I think you are correct that this one is a waste for govt to look good.
    Whether the govt & private banks SHOULD at a particular time create & put more or less currency (Central bank) or credit (private bank) into the economy, or delete more, is another matter.

  4. This is how big government keeps big business in check.

    See how Woolworth, Coles bunnings and Qantas implemented all covid measures regardless of how stupid or unnecessary they were.

    Next time you watch TV note how many advertisements in each block are for government entities. Government entities are protected from competition, are immune from market forces and are not concerned with financial constraints, why do they need to advertise?

  5. A Filipino in north Qld is going back home to train for a coal mine related job. It is much cheaper than doing the course here.
    Training is a bit like selling shovels rather than doing the gold mining.

  6. The kind of advantage few have to access easy printed money is so insulting to one putting in so much blood and sweat for that pay cheque.

  7. I live in a country area. My club puts on trainees doing the Hospitality course for funding and once they have finished goodbye. Same as the local council, local kids sacked after apprenticeships. I did plumbing and another diesel mechanic..Its happening everywhere.

  8. Oh&s cards and regular first aid courses are 💯 job making. I've done both a few times now and learned next to nothing on the white card, and just repeating the basics for first aid.

    At least first aid could be considered loosely as training.

    Also I'm pretty sure there are apprentice painters, waterproofers and carpet layers and the like these days. Totally on the job training professions in the past…

  9. When inflation gets worse grilled will probably collapse anyway. It cost $70 for me to take my 2 children there the other month….never again! Way too expensive.

  10. My dad worked for a small company a while ago, and they had an employee dedicated to doing nothing but researching and applying for government grants. Anyone that thinks we have a free market these days is a little delusional IMO.

  11. But Florian, it’s all “wank words” to flabbergast Politicians into spending tax payer money on this BS

    It’s outrageous corporate embezzlement of Tax Payers courtesy of Government

  12. I was doing a small repair job at a old house that even in a tight market would rent for $400 a week = $21PA the owner/landlord had it leased to the NDIS for a single male tenant for $120K PA who cares about interest rates ?

  13. I work in a factory. My previous employer was running this scam. A 40+ billion dollar international corporation. I have a cert 3 and 4 in something? I have no idea what! But we were forced to complete these in order to move up levels (get a pay rise). Before this was introduced if you learnt how to run a machine you would get 'points', once you had enough points you would move up a level and get the pay rise. Makes sense right. They wanted you to learn new machines and you could not refuse the 'reasonable order' or you'd get fired. But they didn't want to give you the pay raise. So, what they did was introduce this certificate scam. You could not move up levels till you complete the certificate, of which they got money from the government for making you complete. But they would never organise for you to complete the certificate! They would drag out completion of the certificate for YEARS so you couldn't move up levels. But you couldn't refuse to learn new machines remember. It got to the point where you you would learn enough machines and accrue enough points to be on level 4…but be stuck on level 1 pay. Luckily I was on level 3 when they introduced this. Only took 3 years for me to get to level 3. It took another 4 years to get level 4 even though I had the points. There's more to it I could go on. What I learnt was, never work for Germans!!

  14. I'm a labor voter but that doesn't mean I won't criticise or ridicule dumb policy. Shared equity is a dumb policy and I voted labor inspite of that policy because they manage other things better overall in my view.

    I don't think it's the size perse that's the issue it's the scope and this neoliberal bullshit that interferes in stupid ways. I'm all for public ownership of utilities and even a public bank we've had both for most of our history. Public ownership is fine as long as there is a clear distinction between public and private institutions. Gov provides and runs essential services and for the most part stays the fuck out of the private market. If we need trade or TAFE training to be gov supported then they should be public too. Talking to old time TAFE trainers who are involved in their respective industries (mostly welders) tell me the new system is a complicated and inefficient mess since becoming privatised with no nothing corporate middle managers taking huge salaries and wrecking the training quality.

    Your right about the litigious nature of society though. The only formal training food workers should have is on basic good safety and cross contamination and Woolworths could provide that in less than 3 hours of training on the job.

    It's funny because although I have training I'm not qualified as a welder yet I can still work on medium to low risk construction projects and in manufacturing, as long as the builds meet design specs and a trade certified welder certifies that I did the welds correctly is all good. The idea a burger flipper needs more paper than me to do our jobs is sad but funny. Mind you the severe shortage of welders makes getting work for me easy. There are few apprenticeships available but with enough motivation I was able to get into the industry without one.

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