3 minutes of Democrats casting doubt about the safety of the vaccines

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  1. What happened to the days when a new drug had to pass clinical trials before it was distributed to the general public ? Seems like that little detail has been overlooked by just about everyone, everywhere.

  2. Until people rise up and rebel in large enough numbers, such that it overwhelms the system of control, the people will be controlled by those with ulterior motives. All in the disguise of safety for the masses.

  3. The man that set the pace to save many lives here and around the world can’t be trusted? In the real world he needs to be recognized for pulling off as close to a miracle as one can do. That man is President Trump.

  4. So, just to be clear…Dems are bad, Trumpsheep are good sooooo the Dems saying it’s not safe initially means that it is safe then, by MAGA logic. So how come all you Trumptards are anti-vaccine then? Y’all make no damn sense…buncha lemmings. 😂

  5. Kamala says she can't trust anything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. But she's going to insist you trust a shot that came from {in a round about way] a bat's ass. This reminds me of when Archie Bunker rejected a boiled beef tongue sandwich that Edith made for him. "I won't eat anything that came out of a cow's mouth." So Edith asked, "what do you want, then…he said, "Just give me a couple of hard-boiled eggs."

  6. And now they wonder why people are reluctant, the Democrats purposefully undermined not just the vacine itself but the regulatory bodies in their desire to play tribal politics. They knew better, they knew that Trump had nothing do with developing the vacine other then shovelling money for it to be developed, utterly disgusting

  7. I bet they threw Cuomo under the bus because he said all that about the Feds and FDA and now it's all over the internet. Now he is discredited so it wont matter. One down….

  8. Yep. 3 minutes of casting doubt on a vaccine that essentially didn't exist yet but was being shepherded by an administration infamous for it's blatant gaslighting and dishonesty. LOL Now do Republicans.

  9. And they wonder why nobody trust anything they say nor the election results. These people are nothing but lying manipulators who will do or say whatever is necessary at that time to push their agenda

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