3 minutes of the Biden administration making promises on Afghanistan they failed to keep

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Written by GOP


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  1. good job Biden, thank you for your service, you really made America better, especially with the economy partially going to shit because of yall, some 500 false promises you and your party made, pulling out (heh) out of Afghanistan without evacuating civilians, and fuel prices rising up, thank you Biden, you made America so much "better" in less than a year, and i thank you for that

  2. Thank you for putting this up. The American people now have extremely short memories, and MANY Americans don't even seem to care. America has become distracted with trivial (or non-existent) social concerns. If the economy starts to falter, America will disintegrate very, very quickly. That can happen if America suffers catastrophic natural upheavals, one after another. America will go from great prosperity to bankruptcy in less than a week.

  3. It would take far longer than three minutes to show footage of all the times the members of the GOP bent over and spread wide for Trump and his corrupt administration.

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