3 Things That Make the COVID Vaccine Different (from Livestream #58)

COVID vaccines are novel – here’s Bret discussing 3 differences.

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #58 (originally streamed live on December 12, 2020):


What is this a clip from?
In this 58th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. I spent my working life marking important decisions with incomplete data

    The best answer I know is consequence analysis

    We don't do that well enough

    As an old person, we should go early
    Less loss of life years and some data

    Pregnancy is highest, developing child is regularly at ultra hi risk

    The risk of disease consequence and transmission including economics vs unknown serious risks is hard

    Thank you for thinking

    I will choose the vaccine risk

  2. vaccines injected with MRNA strand . It is a synthetic pathogen designed to stimulate human cells as it has part of the virus— a chemical substance that could induce illness and can trigger the autoimmune system and among other conditions will be a danger to your health.

  3. This experimental gmo can increase the spread of the virus, because people can carry and shed it unknowingly. Since they’ll be asymptotic, they won’t know to quarantine themselves.

  4. It was developed and deemed safe in a few months for something that has a very high survival rate. I'm 59 and healthy I will not be taking the vaccine.

  5. Found this COVID joke on another site. Two mice are in the pub and one says “Hey, have you had the new covid vaccine yet?” And the other replies“What?! Are you frickin crazy, they haven’t finished the human trials yet!!”

  6. These two are classic examples of people who are extremely book smart, but lack common sense in the real world.

    These two overthink everything with fancy metrics and talking points. These two are the type that would make you think drinking a bottle of cold water in 100 degree heat is somehow a bad idea.

  7. In review for those who don't want to watch the video: 3 differences this vaxx is different from all others: #1. Novelty of the technology. Nobody knows the consequences. Yet. #2. Rapid development. #3. Expectation of wide scale rapid deployment. I'm going to add my own, which teeters on the balance #4: MANDATES. The fact that an individual has no control over their own body. Call me crazy, but I foresee a sinister agenda. My personal objection is based on spiritual/energetic principals. If you trace all vaccines back to the original creation, you'll find dark energy. An innocent creature is knowingly infected in a laboratory, then slaughtered so that the disease (along with at least two toxins to preserve it) can be jabbed directly into our blood. How does this equate with anything good? Fear impels us to ignore the sanctity of our blood and our own ability to heal, as we assault our energetic bodies in a way no disease ever would. Will you worship at the Altar of Science (scientists playing god) or will you trust in our Creator? We're going to die regardless, eventually. I'll take my chances. Peace of Christ.

  8. Have you noticed? Taliban uses no masks and… they stay alive!🤣🇵🇱✌🇩🇪 What do you want from the Pfizer vaccine? It is so good that one would have to repeat jabs every 2-3 months because antibodies disappear. We do injections every 6 months because it is impossible to convince people they should stay again at the end of the line right after getting their jabs 🤣🤣 After all, antibodies play minor role in the antiviral immunity. Cellular immunity is critical. We knew that in the beginning because 97% of population was able to survive the first wave without that damn "vaccines" (that actually should be for prophylaxis, not for treatment, should not it?!). So, how it is that it works at all? Well, placebo works also because "I have faith in you" 🙈

  9. In my opinion the pharmaceutical industry wanted to make sure as many ppl have the jab of new type of untested vaccine before the things and side effects we don't know we start to find out and know that's why the such a push to make as much money now with not being held accountable for any lawsuits against them to later make as much money as possible treating ppl from the side effects from that they caused in the first place .

  10. It was manmade with our tax dollars.
    The vaccines are not made with the actual sterilized virus our bodies need to be exposed to, to learn how to make antibodies specific to virus, to become immune, instead we have synthetic mrna, which is not the virus, so our bodies cannot have immunity, because they do not have the viral information to make antibodies for, just synthetic mrna, which is why it does not work.
    The health leaders refuse to recognize innate and recovered immunity at all.
    Legal discrimination, firings, and no buying or selling traveling, schools, or taking part in society if you refuse.

  11. They gave us.Promises, Promises.
    Promises they knew they's never keep/
    No mandates. 95% effective.
    No booster shots needed, no masks anymore,.
    Safe and Effective.

    We will be back to normal once the elderly, then 60%, then 70%, no everybody.
    Not needed for healthy adults, teens, kids, pregnant women, now everyone.
    The essential workers worked through the worse of it, are now the first to be fired and called trash.
    No recognizing of natural and recovered immunity, for the first time in the history of mankind.
    It does not protect you from catching or passing along infections.

    In fact the president said the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated, (without covid by the way) and recovered, and immune fellow Americans.

    So what does the vaccine protect you from, that you still need masks, and to be protected from others vaccinated and unvaccinated?
    Answer nothing!

    Rather than admit that fact, Biden, Fauci, and the big pharma owned health officials, double down on a lie, and go after pregnant women , kids, the covid recovered, non infected unvaccinated, and scientist, doctors, pastors, employers, schools, and anyone that points out their constant lying, moving the goal posts, delusion and deception, and hypocrisy, as they try to force digital tracing tracking monitoring medical ids, on every human on earth to do anything, and put those that don't in quarantine camps.

    It's just communism and dictator ship combined, like throughout history, when a few with power, become even more power hungry, and they know their power stems from covid and vaccine fear, so they will never let it go.

    Big Pharma, as usual don't want a true working vaccine, that would cure the problem, they want a prescription drug vaccine, that treats the symptoms for life, with booster shots, pills, testing, that they profit from, paid by tax payers, without any responsible liability or risk.

    And Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, have some of the worst safety records ever, its all profit for them, they could care less if everyone gets injured, dies, as long as they get richer.

    Only when they, and complicit employers, are held completely finically and criminally responsible for all illness, adverse reactions, and deaths, will they have any incentive for the safety and health of anyone.

    This is why all mandates and orders and restrictions in regards to covid, needs to be banned, it is no more deadly then the flu, and needs no more rules than the flu, and even if it was, this has gone on long enough.

    Fight the power.!

  12. All would be fine and dandy, if there was no medical discrimination, restrictions, mandates and orders, that fire people from their jobs and demonize the recovered immune, naturally immune, unvaccinated, and vaccinated.
    The government has used this to get full communist, dictator control of everything that effects our lives, and we have to take those rights and freedoms back and say never again.
    Caused an a society, is worse than no society at all.

  13. i can tell you 3 things that make this vaccine different to other vaccines (1) it don't stop you catching it (2) it don't stop you passing it on & (3) after having a single or double shot it don't stop you from dying from it !!!

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