33 Deaths: Dan Andrews

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  1. He's doing exactly what he was put there to do. Bring in the new world order, the great reset, you will own mothing and be happy, the rules based world order, build back better. Dan came from shit he was spawned in side Klaus Schwab's arse. That's were he'll live when this is all over. Klaus Schwab "The future is ours"

  2. Who gives a toss where you were, since 2014 it has been shambles, 4000 beds not delivered, quaranteene debacles,China deals, lockdow crap, list goes on- he is still here? What a country??

  3. Remember how the compliant media were cheering him from the rooftops because he did 100 days STRAIGHT of Coof press conferences? Not a single day off in that period because it was SOOOOO important to update the public on what was happening on a critical health issue that was killing people. Yet when such a massive report on a critical health issue that is also killing people is dropped, after they've been sitting on it for a month, he won't front a one-off press conference because it was his day off. Scumbag!

  4. What do you expect everyone??? That surgeon who caught that noxious hydrogen sulphide Fart cloud and took it back to his surgery, wrapped an arsehole to match, created a body locating a couple of neurons in its backside, and called it The Chairman Wuhan Porkie Teller Teflon 'Red Shirts' Dan has a lot to answer for!!!

  5. I wouldn't let him look after my chooks for a couple of days…!! OMG 😳 in private enterprise you would go broke within a week… !! What is going on in Victoria? No wonder every second car is Victorian on the road!! He's slowly sending the state broke… the other states are taking his lead…!!! As well 🙈😷

  6. Dan's networth is more than 100 million dollars that can be searched online. He should be sued by the grieving families because of his incompetence and corruption. His wife almost killed a 15 year old boy when she hit him with her car. Both should be in jail.

  7. Is there a bigger Scruff than him, even the left wing media can't protect him from this…we should all be comfortable knowing he's got our best interests at heart – I mean the sacrifices you make when you give yourself a pay rise during C-19, lock us up for eternity and kill hundreds of people. We should be grateful….

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