3328, Trump Speaks – We Have So Much Proof, 3328

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  1. This next civil war has been planned for a long time. From both “sides.”
    Are you telling me Trump couldn’t have done anything about this rampant voter fraud MONTHS IF NOT YEARS AGO??? Besides, you know, send a few worthless tweets?? “Oh, we’re investigating…” yeah, sure you are. Suuuuuuure…
    He’s in on it. They’re all in on it. This whole thing was planned. It’s a trick. The powers of darkness are putting each side against the other so they can come in a buy up the ashes.
    It’s all a trick. Both sides. We’re being played. The devil is a genius of deception.

  2. Nobody is talking about Alaska.

    Alaska stopped at 50% on election night and is still at 50%.

    California stopped on election night at 66% and immediately declared a win for Biden.

    The results of the states are the same and yet treated very differently?

  3. Many people have suffered and died to protect and get the right to vote — this stealing the election negates all that sacrifice. Not only have women been cheated of their right to vote in this election, but so have men. (I can't speak for non-binary people, sorry, I don't know enough about them. I'm pretty sure they think voting is "white privilege" or some such thing.)

  4. My take is that we will have the November surprises soon. Trump is not a fool, he is a business man. My take is that he knew they would rigged the elections so the legal ballot papers have special water marks. This is why they are appealing against the ruling.

    They have a lot to hide. Whatever happens, the Democrats have been exposed. The strategy was for Biden to reach 270 as soon as possible and then declares that he had won. They failed. How they are going to get out of this?

    Well done Trump. We need people like Trump to rise up without fear and challenge their corruption.

  5. I heard voting with a Sharpie will not count my vote? Well I voted at Kimball Township Municipal Office in Kimball, Michigan zip. 48074 And all they had was a Sharpie for me to vote with. what to do?

  6. God, the Alliance, Qanons, Patriots & Pres Trump is briliant!!!
    This 2020 US ellection was never about chosing a president.
    It was the biggest military sting operation in history that will change the world forever. The military in a top-top classified operation printed a non radiation isotope watermark on all the legal ballots (Cannon was awarded the contract) and the Aliance also used a highly specialized ink that can't be fabricated.
    The set amount of ballots are like money but better. All the people who are involved with this coup is facing jail and in higher up like Biden & Obama…, treason charges. All the millions of fake ballots printed by Dems and China will be exposed. There is still the 185k+ sealed enticements for top high profile ppl, traitors & criminals that will be executed.
    Expect the suicide rate to sky rocket under the evil doers.
    Get ready for a 1000 years of peace, love & prosperity with our loving kind & rightious Lord Jesus amen.


  8. I hope someone is recording every speech given by true Patriots ,Like Dan Bongino and the likes of him ,. A book written for school children needs to be printed ,THE LEGEND OF D J TRUMP , WHAT A GREAT BOOK TO STUDY , YES! Ani Angela messenger AROHA NUI Endsoftheearth nz

  9. If Trump wins, He continues to fuck with the New World Order Agendas and give the US another 4 years of prosperity.
    If Biden wins, the New World Order Agendas will again pick up steam.
    My Gold, silver and cryptos will skyrocket as Biden kills the dollar for good.
    Either way, I win.

  10. Election honesty is essential to America's future. Clearly from the various reports being aired across the internet this has not happened. The President must fight the corrupting influences that have stained the will of the people.

  11. Red and blue biros were handed out in dem counties. to voters, knowing repubs would take red ones…knowing that red pens are invalid. Sharpies were given to republican voters to invalidate their votes…plus so many shennaginans going on by these crooks, they cant' honestly be serious about being taken seriously! Team Tump is allowing the fraud to be seen by the world. After an election, for10 days the DOJ can not enter into voting investigations, so I'm thinking that will be our 10 days of darkness…and "done in 30 "will be when the whole f%^nin thing will be brought down on them. "FISA brings down the house" will be the revelation of all this corruption for the world to see…and bye, bye, dems.

  12. When they stop counting means they finally got enough fake ballots to give Biden the win. Obviously a party that supports killing babies in the womb have no moral character to be honest people.

  13. Some insiders have stated the REAL ballots have been stamped with a Watermark. In a serious recount we should be able to distinguish between the true ballots and the Fake. A STING OPERATION is in effect…

  14. This is the draining of the swamp people. We have caught them….again! HOLD THE FORT!! It was easy to set them up. The CCP and Soros backed Tramsition Integrity Project told us what they were going to do to steal it. Duh! And when the Trump landslide began, they had no choice! This needs to happen to permanently uproot the swamp creatures… There is no path for them in the xourt of law, where their decptive repirting and opinions do not matyer. The Constitution matters. Demand legitimate vites be countef to expose the illegitimate ones. You didn't think the globalists were just going to give up did you? We've got yhis. Lets do our part and get visible and loud. We've already won. But we have t o close yhe deal or it might slip away. LETS GO! WINNING!

  15. Some in the press are tasked with finding out who the leakers are.
    Once discovered, or even suspected by whatever means, they will be dismissed from state employment either with compensation (upper level employees) or threats (lower level employees- typically “blackball“ threats limiting future employment.
    I know.

  16. He who wins Florida and Ohio goes on to win the election in 26 elections and for some reason the left is setting records in this one. Trump 2020.

  17. I am praying for the conservative party… That the new female Republicans will have a firmer spine and greater integrity than the limp wristed male country club politicians we've had for so many decades!

    Give me liberty!??