3352, Durham Investigation Is Dead!, 3352

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  1. Never ever arrests just dog and pony shows…. I keep telling folks this is a banana republic of America, we the people must act… or accept it as it is, them and us serfs..

  2. It was never alive. Barr and Durham were always deep state. They were just flapping their jaws and drawing down big salaries, while hoping for Trump's overthrow.

  3. HW Flunky Barr has been one big staller and fake tough guy talk for nearly 2 years. Ask yourself this: Why did HW Flunky Barr protect Epstein so well? NOT! Why didn't HW Flunky Bar get possession of Weiners laptop or Bidens laptop? Naahhh We would not want to fin d all that incriminating evidence would we HW flunky Barr
    Trump should FIRE HW Flunky Barr today replace with Sidney Powell or Lin Wood as AG. These 2 people would have the crooks staining their undies from day 1.

  4. Imagine my surprise. The FBI and DOJ are no better than a banana republic law enforcement agency. Blob Barr isn't any more effective than little Jeffy.

  5. It’s not dead because it was never alive. Durham and the worthless AG Barr are obviously part of the swamp! People wise up! We need to take charge of our country.

  6. Have you seen the cue post of the movie clip where the guy says I am going to bring down the whole f ing temple? This entire government is corrupt, I will let you draw your own conclusions, but I heard yesterday that the military went to Spain and Germany and seized the server’s involved in the election?

  7. If there was ever a time that the president needs to declare martial law now's the time go after these people fire William Barr get people in there that can do the job if he has to appoint whomever that's willing to prosecute and go after every single person that's undermining this government through the entire four and a half years and even prior now's the time take the gloves off and play serious hardball and hang the entire cabal for treason and appoint Either Sydney Powell or Lin Wood as Attorney General and get the arrests done

  8. You are clearly mistaken. Durham is not a political animal, he's an attorney that will carry out his duties without influence from Trump, nor a possible new administration. Sounds to me like you're listening to the wrong people. Presumably there was never going to be a "report" rather indictments will be prosecuted – and that's still going to happen. I'll be the first one to go ha ha, when you see what I am saying is true.

  9. Looks like it is time to go back to sleep and pretend this attempt to drain the swamp never happened. Let's all just look forward to the Great Reset now. It was a noble effort…or was it all a con the entire time?

  10. Why do you worship trump so much? we can see from the UK how much a moron he is, he hasn't achieved shit in 4 years other than dividing your country.