$3,419,735,244 Budget – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Passes A Budget

$3,419,735,244 Budget – Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Passes A Budget.


  1. Wow. Who knew what good stewards of the peoples hard earned money are on the board of supervisors. I bet they would be so excited to have an audit of their books for the past 7 years. That will show everyone that the board is on the up and up and on top of things.

  2. Can someone plz explain to me why none of the BOS are in jail yet? They've brazenly defied an enforceable subpoena, and have yet to deliver the required equipment and information as outlined in the subpoena. Anyone? There can be no justice if the law is not enforced equally.

  3. I am watching from Australia! It is shocking how come these rubbish people are so arrogant? It is obvious that they got biggest donors behind them to fraud!

  4. I'm not in AZ
    The People should call a rally….start a Petition
    And many AZ residents commenting down below…should either Run for thier Seat or Work with a group of others to get them kicked out asap

  5. This Swamp doesn’t realise it just awoken the American ?, it is flying high and it is choosing who to eat for breakfast when the time comes. God bless the USA!

  6. Let’s play this video again after the BOS are found guilty for voter fraud. I’m sure they will try and come up with more excuses when this day comes.

  7. These people are the face of the fifth column subverting and sabotaging our nation. Its obsebe that they are still able to give themselves all the money they want to continue their treason

  8. I'm a newly transplanted Arizonan thankfully not in Maricopa Country the Board along with Katie Hobbs need to be shown the door with a referral to criminal court in pocket! Never have I seen such distain for the people they serve they are not kings but simple servants of the citizens.

  9. Hard to believe their jobs depend on winning an election!!! Such arrogance! It’s scary to think that their job is so secure they know they will have it forever!!! Has our government collapsed & we don’t know it yet???

  10. I think it’s safe to say; he already knows exactly what the audit/report will prove.

    “Finish what you’re calling an audit and prepare to defend your report in a court of law”

    The audit isn’t even close to being completed, yet, he’s preemptively declaring that they’ll fight the results in court.

    RECALL THESE IDIOTS & your County Recorder, also!!!!