35 Senior Trump Allies RAIDED By The FBI

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  1. Nah we're f**ked. We have already falled to Soviet Communism. No one's going to stand against this. Hell Tim you've already stated that the Dems are going to win MORE seats instead of the 'red wave' we all thought was going to happen.

  2. If the current office is willing to go this far to discourage a political opponent, the puppet masters must really not want him back in power. Which is exactly why he should be in power.

  3. They are actors of division and that’s what the owners of this world want. I’m talking about the real owners of this fading republic and many others. They do not want well educated coherent people that can influence and change others minds. Hence the censorship and banning from general media. They coveted real and meaningful information/knowledge and the average joe is none the wiser.

  4. Not to be terribly conspiratorial, but you might consider how the fascists (brown shirts) in pre-WWII Italy put themselves in power. The old guard conservative politicians, journalists and power brokers began to die mysteriously in car, hunting, hiking accidents and as the propaganda assault increased the opposition would die while resisting arrest as the authorities asked them to come in for questioning. In the final power grab the brown shirts brazenly walked ito the offices and homes with assassination squads. Over several years the old established republic was replaced by Mussolini and his fascists.

  5. The establishment threatened everyone in DC that if they worked for Trump they would be crushed for it. Trump didn't have a lot of help filling positions in his administration. He was surrounded by insurrectionists and traitors.

  6. Some of this Trump brought on himself by NOT getting rid of some of the ROT while in office including Comey, Mueller, Barr, Wray-' all card carrying members of worst of Deep State. I had no idea how horrific guys like Mueller – Barr were in covering up who and what country were behind 911 — Saudi Arabia. Trump was brought down by those who put money and interests of their partners in intl crime before anything else.

  7. “It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.” —David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager and White House Senior Advisor

  8. 10:30 – Think about it for a moment….when did the Arab Spring occur? 2011. Who was in power in the US at that time? Democrats led by Obama with HRC as SecState. Who was behind the scenes doing what to influence the instability? How do we know that this was not a mass campaign of social engineering guided by the CIA at Obama’s directive? How do we know that this was not a study of how to actively topple a government by inciting the people against one side or the other by placing the blame for the existing socio-economic problems on a political opponent? The did this to the Muslim Brotherhood. To a degree, this is how Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power and secured their position, by blaming the Jews. This is how the bolshiviks in Russia in 1917 rose to power by blaming and eliminating a whole group of people.
    Now, it is happening again. This time, it is Biden, and not Lenin, working to eliminate political adversaries using national law enforcement agents.

  9. This is definitely a witch hunt. They’re definitely preparing for something big. That vendetta speech was probably a message to their allies outside America. Biden couldn’t remember what he said acted like it was no big deal next day. Course the dishonest corrupt MSM just nods in agreement.

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