~354~ We Funded The Taliban For 20 Years

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Lee Camp takes on military waste and horrific consequences of the US occupation of Afghanistan. The military lied to the American people throughout the occupation. They pretended they had control of regions they didn’t, they paid the Taliban not to attack our troops and used the lack of attacks to look like there was progress, and they invented many more lies to convince the American people that the occupation was a good idea.

Also in this episode:
Lee Camp reports on the impacts of Hurricane Ida which has devastated communities across the country and once again proved that the US is incapable of defending its citizens.
Naomi Karavani takes on the fight to give Wisconsin children at school a free lunch. One county’s school board opted out of a free lunch program arguing that it would spoil the kids. The school board overturned their outrageous policy after parents and children protested.
Jaffer Khan and Anders Lee end the show with a new segment: “The Art Of Debate.” Khan and Lee debate the upcoming recall vote for California Governor Gavin Newsom.

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  1. USA spreading liberty bullets and freedom bombs to help the middle east. Presidents lying is a given. Even Biden who f*cked up leaving Afghan and forgot to turn off the stove, so had to go back, called it a 'success'. It's Home Alone coming to life. Even the Taliban were willing to help Americans get out because they knew if they didn't, there'd just be more & more troops. That's the American solution to every problem, send in the killing machine.

  2. Are we at the point yet where people will quit waiting to be spoon fed and do their own research? We need to educate ourselves if we want to be free. Read books, read something, we are in deep shit and watching YouTube isn't going to cut it. We need to do some of this ourselves, Lee can't do it all. We depend on others why toooooo much!

  3. Chase bank just cancelled credit card of US general, Michael Flynn

    Reason given: He is a "reputation risk"….

    Truly an outrage – whatever you think about distinguished Michael Flynn who was disliked by St. Obama.

    PS: I am sure that Hunter Biden has all his credit cards – full of money "earned" by Biden-family corruption.

  4. I Have Known From Jump! Talking In sentence at 15mnths old. Could Prove It With The Pledge Of Allegiance. MyLife Have Always Felt Like They Have Some Thing To Hide2001 AWAKIN2009C.I.A. Trained Since 2012. Taliban Are CIA. Whole Lots Of People Out Big Brother Trained And Appropriated Large Amounts Of Fiat Currency. sad but true.

  5. You reported that US government had handed 24 million dollars and more to this man and he had it in his own room and sometimes even more money! How big was his safe in his room? Do you know how big a safe has to be to store 24 millions? How was this informant receiving this sum of money? He was just being handed in a sack? Think about how big billions of dollars will occupy? You seem to make it up as you go along. Unbelievable!

  6. Government makes more money in taxes from energy companies than energy companies make in profit. So tell me again how they receive subsidies. It's more like the energy companies subsidize our government

  7. Afganistan was a money laundering place & a weapon testing place.
    U paid Taliban @ fisrt now u don't want Taliban to rule their country wat a hypocrite, pathetic, evil minds u 've.
    Regime change is breaking apart the world 🌎 is now focus & they r sick & tried of bullies.
    This shows the end of super power hegemony of uncle Sam

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