3rd Parliament Protest (Melbourne)

Day 3, Parliament Steps Protest (Thursday 28 October)

Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. They go to play music those protester ? They Show a tough there are
    In meantime Andrews search for new law to punish us
    Next year who breach medical order ?90.000 fine
    And for business ?650.000 fine or two years in jail DR Andrews announced today on yahoo news
    Next year jail will be busy court will be busy police will be busy and taxpayers money get wasted by premier spastic
    He hate us reason is a mistery

  2. Remember anyone who gets tested it's done with THEIR equipment. THEIR testing. THEIR so called results. WHY and HOW can anyone trust anything they say or do??!! The statistics are just as RIGGED as the voting. Same goes with the new "home test kits". Designed by BIG PHARM!!!! You have an immunity system. We have everything we need to live healthy lives. Our immunity system cannot be copied, cannot be replaced, will not be poisoned by BIG PHARM unless YOU allow them to. STAND YOUR GROUND. OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS and to have this TYRANNY in our own backyard by So called Australians is straight from the PITS OF HELL. WE..DO..NOT..CONSENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Peace Out ! Let's never forget that the Power of Love is always greater than the Love for Power and that it only takes a little light to eliminate the darkness.

  4. From tomorrow Friday at 6pm in Victoria vaccinate and unvaccinated can running and spend money for Andrews to put some money back the one he spending in to the govt pocket
    From November 24 unvaccinated not allowed in shopping 🛍 only for essential until 2022
    ⚠️a warning to people to spend less if you can keep you money tight we have a insecure future under Hitler
    Save you money and don’t put all in one basket
    Predict trouble for next year

  5. How long does it take to secure the parliament with an electric ring fence? Offering a job to Bunnings could have been a better alternative to Dicktoria Police!

  6. Life is about choices, you’re either in or your out whatever the process is, but please don’t blame others for your choice. Own your decision because that’s what society expects right? You can’t have everything.

  7. a few hippys aint much of a protest, this is should be thousands…i think australians have become complicit…i dont see any hope for them.