40 million tonnes of wind turbine blades destined for landfill by 2050

Senator Malcolm Roberts
I remember when greenies hugged trees. Now greenies chop down trees and hug manufactured wind turbines made of concrete, steel, fiberglass, and gearbox oil.

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  1. Bird blenders and lithium batteries… I'm self sufficient, bring on the breakdown of society. The sooner this paradigm collapses, the sooner it can be rebuilt into something better. But if history rhymes… the GI's will need to step up. Good luck out there. 💖

  2. Add that to all the useless f-ing masks polluting the environment. Sick of picking them up every time I mow the f-ing lawn. F-ING MORONS. Whinge about bags but not a peep about mask pollution.

  3. Drive out to the Port of Brisbane and see the parts for these wind turbine stored, then think of the amount of diesel that it is going to take to install these wind turbines.

  4. They keep telling us that renewables are cheaper but we’ve seen no evidence of that even though every year solar and wind increases at a rate of knots.
    They have been lying about renewables from the start.

  5. The man is lying.. they aren't going to be recycled? Meanwhile fossil fuels are torn out of the ground in Queensland and literally given away to China for free… What does he propose doing about that then??.. tumbleweeds

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