40% Surge in Working Age Deaths

Chris discusses huge increases in deaths being reported by the funeral home and life insurance industries alike.

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  1. I would think that after being a national bestseller for weeks RFK's book would have people talking but I really hear nothing. Something big has to happen, I've heard of so many cardiac events and strokes but no one is making correlation.

  2. They are murderers from the front office at DC to the end administering nursing agent. Really let that sink in for a moment, some could truly have plausible ignorance at the bottom end, but not at the top.

  3. IMO, as much as 20% of this increase- about 8% above base line- is caused by various medical conditions aggravated by fear, despair, and frustration. We see more people with cardboard signs standing near crosswalks and on medians. People are being murdered with fentanyl. The true suicide numbers are huge. How do such facts affect the mortality database?

  4. Been watching you since covid wasn't considered a pandemic by the WHO. Thanks for the info here but I find the format is causing a rather lengthy video.. Quality over quantity.

  5. So I checked the death data with the 15-44, 45-64 and 65-74 group, from danish serum institute.

    Prior to wuhan the grapth is totalt flatt. When wuhan wave comes around its a almost perfect S-curve. After wuhan wave there is a period of time where the graph is almost totaly flat. Its not like nobody died here, but the one who did was compensated by those who alredy died.

    There is a 22 week period with less than 5k death in the two older and 1k in the younger.

    When alfa wave start going around we se a perfect S-grapth again. Note that all the age group are perfectly syncronized. But the countries are slightly ofset.

    After alfa wave there is a short period. Sudenly week 9 of 2021 there is a sharp but sraight increse in death that is 8 week long before it start tapet of in the oldet age group.

    Week 11 we se the same for the mid age group but it ramp up over a 3 week period. Week 13, the same for the younger age group, also ramping up, a bit slower. The younget age group actually hits the fastest pace as late as week 30 where it sudenly lowets, this is strange because this is right in the middle of the delta wave.

    The really stange bit is that those death are uniform between the countries, but not the ages.

    Some thing killed old People first, then middle age People a few weeks later, the young People a few weeks after that.

    By week 45 this "mystery" death is going so fast its pretty much masking wave four. Mid wave four the mistory death is outpacing the wave by 2 to 1 in all those 3 age groups. Its really only in the 75 and up, that wave 4 is clesaly vissible.

    Betweem week 7 and 12 2022 the mystory death is slowing down and finaly Halting

  6. Regarding preferred bugs to eat, here in Peru on the edge of the jungle, fried ants are considered a real delicacy. A kilogram of ants costs the equivalent of around four days minimum wage, do definitely not cheap.

  7. interesting that the 40% increased didnt happen in 2020, right in the heart of the pandemic, it starts in 2021, when vaccinations were first used in large sections of the population.

  8. Five gee at 60 hertz in can absorb the oxygen molecule making it oscillate therefore our hemoglobin has a hard time picking up the oxygen molecule meaning less oxygen in your blood not having enough oxygen in your blood makes your heart have to work harder which causes heart attacks and other heart problems at 2.84 Hertz which is what 3Gee and 4Gee were it affects the water molecule we can't live without oxygen our bodies can't live without water if our bodies can't uptake the water molecule because it's oscillating it's going to pull water from our organs causing many issues look up signs and systems of radiation sickness what a coincidence that all the new symptoms that our yearly virus has gain they're exactly the same as EMF sickness which is radiation poisoning and it goes on and on but that'll get you started by the way as soon as we got locked down Trump signed an order for the 5G to be implemented within 3 months last approximately a month ago they finished cooking it up in the United States and you might want to look up hemorrhagic fever just got a feeling that will be the next one which is also the end result of radiation sickness bleeding out

  9. There are many reports that cases are quite disparate, spread out. If once healthy people suddenly have the onset of unexplained symptoms and go to the hospital, they are told they are anxious or depressed if they start asking pointed questions of the doctors. They are offered psycho-active medicines rather than investigative testing. Some doctors apparently have no intellectual curiosity or willingness to get answers and treatments if the presenting symptoms go against the prevailing narrative: they are just inexplicable symptoms and the people are unfortunates who now have major health issues.

  10. As a South African – if the new variants are coming from here (albeit we have very very little Covid ourselves) it will be because our corrupt government has probably accepted a sum of money in order to release the new variants….. jaded much? YUP.

  11. The Dr from British Columbia that discovered micro clotting in 60% of his patients who received the shot at the onset of vaccination, was silenced almost immediately. His assessment was heart problems would become a issue in these folks at around the 2 year mark. Sadly, these don’t seem to be a coincidence. Crimes against humanity, perhaps.

  12. I suspect this might take you off line for posting this. I hope you are on Rumble….The leftists are in full panic mode and will remove any questioning of their magic potion leaky vaccines.

  13. I like what Elon is doing, but he is still a globalist goon who may be a wolf in sheep's clothing.. Be careful. Watch what he does, not what he says… I would very much like the social media outlets to allow free discussion of any number of unpopular subjects. The social media outlets should NOT censor anyone who isn't breaking the law. If I want to assert my completely unqualified opinion that the current administration is completely incompetent and corrupt, no one should have the power to shut me up. That is liberty and freedom of speech. Now, when the difference between wild debunked (read fact checked) conspiracy theory and fact is about 3 months… We should be having unfettered discussions.

  14. Chris, what's been done to people who have moderate/severe chronic pain (usually rare diseases or injuries, or harm due to botched surgeries etc) has been a human genocide that no one is discussing unless you are one of the 10-25 million who lost their pain medication once the CDC went beyond their scope of infectious diseases to draft the 2016 Opioid Guidelines. They (PROP, plz research that group of prohibitionists psychiatrists) used lies & propaganda & falsified "data" to change the mindset that opiates used for medical purposes were no longer effective pain relieving medicine, which only caused addiction & overdoses. To do so they preyed upon emotionally hurt parents & family members of dead children who died from illegally manufactured fenanyl & heroin to blur the lines between medical required meds for patients & those addicted or experimenting/recreational use. Then they used the media to drill their narrative to the general public, & used physicians to force patients to wean off medication that was used to give functional/quality life for a subset of patients who did nothing wrong, followed all the rules & regulations, but were punished due to an end game that became clear soon enough. What was the end game? $$$$Money$$$!!!! People's lives were destroyed so that PROP ( & others i.e. state government huge $$ windfall, as an example, addiction clinics, expensive suboxone- an addiction medicine) could sue opioid manufactures (big pharma) maker of OxyContin. They used the same attorneys that sued Big Tobacco, which of course was a legitimate lawsuit, however, society at large had no clue how this was done, all the tentacles of this pre planned genocide on innocent Americans who only wanted to live with less pain. Why do I use the word GENOCIDE? Because innocent non addicted pain patients, including veterans injured in battle were forced off a legal & appropriately prescribed medication that allowed them to work jobs, exercise, do chores, play with grandchildren, take care of their children, were suddenly no longer able to access their medication so many committed suicide or had strokes & heart attacks due to side effects of unmanaged extreme pain.

    Meanwhile, on the streets potent & highly dangerous fentanyl was used in everything, including illegally pressed & stamped pills that looked like the real thing. You see when you take away safer medication, drug cartels will take over the supply, which became fatal to addicts causing an INCREASE of overdoses by 1,000%

    And those pain patients who were force tapered? They had to file for SSD because their pain was too great to work. The elderly, disabled, and cancer patients were effected.

    The CDC was involved from the beginning. They are a very corrupt governmental organization as evidenced by their mishandling of the pandemic early on because they only care about patents via vaccination. Example: They made it so Lyme disease became a political disaster, in order that scientists within the organization could patent a Lyme vaccine, which failed on all levels and actually gave people incurable Lyme Disease, but that's a very complicated issue so won't do a deep dive here. But in order to understand how corrupt the CDC is start with Lyme testing back in the late 80's-90's. they corrupted the (inadequate) lyme testing early on that leaves the sickest unable to get treatment bc they cannot get a positive test.

    Back to CDC opioid guidelines. They took away the most effective medication for pain without any effective replacement!! All so that they could sue opioid manufacturers. Yeah I know most hate big pharma, and that was used to continue on their course no matter how much suffering & death they caused. Andrew Kolodney, PROP psychiatrist, made $500,000 per year testifying for the plaintiff. He is a fanatical psychopath and is the worst of the worst. He got with the CDC director during Obama yrs to plan this entire thing. Hence why those who had a conflict of interest were allowed to write the guideline, which they knew would be taken as law and in fact 30+ states passed laws on bad science & falsified stats.

    You might be wondering what the rate of addiction is from medical opioids?
    .006% (less than 1%) chance. What is the rate with alcohol? 10+% which is an "acceptable" risk for a substance that is pure poison and causes way more destruction to families & way more death (cancer, drunk driving) than Grandma's prescription to manage her pain. This is slowly seeping into society as people become aware that their acute surgery pain is less manageable now or injuries are no longer treated adequately.

    Chris, we need someone with a large platform to help show how the data was corrupted & propaganda was used to change the minds of the general public. It seems no one cares unless it is them who is affected. This medication has a place in healthcare. It's not without some risk, but by and large people are responsible & should be allowed to decide for themselves if the slight risk is an acceptable one in order to have a more quality life. There's a difference between dependence & addiction and these lines have been intentionally blurred for money. Thanks and sorry about the length of this message. Its a complicated issue, but I think more people now see how corrupt the CDC is due to the pandemic. Lymies know and pain patients know. I have the following conditions: Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, inflammatory arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Peripheral Neuropathy, CKD, Chronic Lyme, Tarlov Cysts and a few others. Most of us suffer from several painful conditions and have tried all other therapies well BEFORE we were prescribed pain medication and we still use other therapies to help our pain. No one wants to be on opiates, but they are a necessary tool to have a somewhat quality life. Thank you for what you do to educate people on how propaganda can be used to change mass opinion.

  15. If these programs are for "social" benefits and mandated. Than society has a responsibility to people and their familes whom are injured "taking one for the team". That's not happening. Instead they are being blocked or buried.

  16. It damn sure wasn't COVID!!!!
    *– Without any fucking doubt in my mind, it was due to three parties… a wholy corrupt establishment, a completely useless & inept government and the bureaucrats which fill it and the completely corrupt & captured "mainstream media, news outlets" reaction to Donald Trump…
    And anything that came out of his mouth, Period in the story!!!!

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