450GB Of ‘Deleted’ Hunter Biden Laptop Material To Be Released, Whistleblower Flees to Switzerland

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  1. Cool story bro. When the 450gb drops [if it even does] who will actually do anything about it. Really. It's been years now.. none of this matters to anyone with any power to do anything. It will just take up 7.5 minutes of talk time in Twitter and get the devolutionists inna frenzy yet again. And the train will roll on.. as normal

  2. Nothing the United States government does is constitutional or valid because the government itself is unconstitutional and invalid and that goes for all three branches there are very few that don't deserve a swift execution it's just too bad the United States is full of complacent cowardly Patriots sheep and people that want the country destroyed

  3. things with rose in it like the rose law firm Hillary is from and means rosicrucean hands in it watch sites everything inside me , the god culture , end times productions , crowdsource the truth , suspicious observers , above ground world news , enterthestars thank you god bless

  4. It's sad how corrupt the fbi has become! As a whole, they are more of a threat to our countries long term democracy than and foreign terrorists group! Biden has caused far more damage inside our country!!

  5. I, unfortunately, have seen some of the photos – disgusting, posing nude, thinking his depraved self is such hot stuff, posing with Ho, posing taking drugs with his junk exposed. This is what Potato Joe raised.. Like father, like son.

  6. The most salacious details will be amplified by the Left so that any time you try to bring the laptop up, they'll dismiss you as a pervert and a fool. I highly recommend that none of the seedy pictures be even shown. They provide an unwitting smokescreen to the financial and political wrongdoings documented.

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