4chan Allegedly HACKED Hunter’s iCloud, Leaks Are DISGUSTING

Guest: Dave Landau
@LandauDave (Twitter)

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  1. Be careful with confirmation bias. Forensic review of the images is a must. Just because it’s believable doesn’t make it true. Keep digging. Thank you for your work and your skepticism.

  2. I get so bugged when people refer to those like Hunter Biden as "elites". Elite what? Elite assholes? Why can't we just call them what they are (scumbags) instead of calling them what they prefer to be called? It's like the term "mainstream media". No, it's "White House media". Call it what it is for crying out loud.

  3. People can mess up making MDMA and it will come out more like meth if they don't do all the instructions correctly. I'm pretty sure it's all the same ingredients just different steps to make different compounds.

  4. When you're doing fast cuts back and forth between speakers, the cross-fade transitions get really annoying. Cut it out! Just do normal hard cuts like everyone else and stop trying to be "edgy".

  5. Here is my issue. Bigger than Biden being a druggie, or even Biden senior receiving bribes.

    The secret service are sworn officers of the law. Hunter has had secret service protection for nearly 20 years. His bodyguards, who are sworn officers of Homeland security, at the very least routinely observed him committing felonies. I find it very likely that they procured drugs for him. If you talk about flouting the law, the bidens are doing it in front of officers without any worry of punishment

  6. 4chan released the details of Ashley Biden’s diary over a year ago and it’s only just been picked up by Tucker and Fox.
    We knew over a year ago about Biden forcing his daughter to have showers with him and how it led to her having a sex addiction.

  7. “You don’t wanna be Hunter Biden”. Rich, can do whatever he wants, commit any crime he wants with no consequences. Yeah,
    thats a rough life.
    LoL. How messed up

  8. Notice mainstream media not saying a word but when Trump brought it up in the debates they cried Russia disinformation throughout the election cycle and just imagine this was Trump jr or any of his kids we would never hear the end of it

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