4chan Hacks Hunter Biden’s iPhone


The infamous Hacker known as 4chan has done it again after HACKING Hunter Biden’s iPhone. Allegedly, Hacker 4chan claims to have hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud service which held over 450 gigabytes of data. Democrats and the White House are LOSING THEIR MINDS as an anonymous image board EXPOSES president Joe Biden. The power of meme magic.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. Does anyone have more information about the video showing the young brunette girl putting her boots back on, while a member of "the family " is repeatedly asking her "did I hurt you, no I didn't hurt you, I gave you 10 thousand dollars.

  2. I was looking for this new leak today but when I searched Hunter Biden leaks pages n pages of the laptop stuff from last year popped up, I had to go through my YouTube subscription videos to find anything about it

  3. Also worth asking, why would Joe Biden go by the name of a fictional KGB SPY? Given his actions, I cannot help but think it's because he's been betraying the United States for a lot longer than he's been President. His political career also backs that – now you know, his INTENT has always been to betray America. He's a piece of shit.

  4. Lets start to blame who is letting them get away with these crimes. The media is activity aiding and abetting CRIMINALS and that is a crime that they need to be held accountable for.
    You think that people pay attention to politics because you do? That is your first mistake. A normal lady who voted for Joe was asked the other day what she thought about Hunter and his laptop, Her answer was who is Hunter? This lady uses Facebook casually and watches the MSM for her news and had no idea who he is or anything about a laptop. You think you are an average person?? your wrong again.. she is an average person..
    The only way to win this war of good vs evil is to spread the word somehow. You jump out at someone and start yelling about mules and laptops full of crack and sex tapes they will think your nuts because that is how far away they are from reality. Tread lightly with small facts as you travel through your day… It will take a few weeks to get a normal person to a place that they even know who Hunter is let alone what he has done. It will take years to get them to see the truth… and we have just about two years left. lets GO!

  5. Whenever they say that something is a threat to our democracy they mean their supremacy. In case you didn't pick up on that. America is a constitutional republic.

  6. Dude, you are sounding so well and healthy at the moment. Hope this is true and things are going well for you these days.
    I like the combo of dank hilarity and fairness on your channel. Have been reviewing who I take seriously on the "right" since the Southern expose and people like Jordan Peterson seeming to lose their minds but your channel is definitely a keeper.

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