4CHAN Hacks Into Hunter Biden’s Laptop & FBI Does Nothing

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. They don't have to do anything,
    Only like 12 people even care, on any level.
    Rich people could start riding the poor like horses and people, who are poor themselves, would be like "Well, he did sign the user agreement."
    We ain't getting no Sri Lanka style uprising.
    At most a couple thousand protestors will be used as fodder while the general population cheers because David Muir called them teππoπists, so it's a fact.

  2. Does anyone get it Hunter Biden is flipping the finger to all of us. He is saying " I can do whatever I want and you pissants can't do anything to me"

  3. I wish this guy was on more often ..He's authoritative, an excellent reader, and doesn't just sit there and rant like nails on a chalkboard.. and make snarky remarks. Hard Lens Media should have him on more often.

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