4th April Update, US, Australia, UK

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Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


  1. The USA has its uneven "non essential shut down" response mostly because closures are decided by the governors of each state and our 3 commonwealths. Here in Virginia, the governor has CLOSED GOLF CLUBHOUSES BUT NOT THE COURSES. Our stay at home executive order (Nos. 53 & 55) with all schools and entertainment shut down LASTS UNTIL JUNE 10.

  2. You can easily do proper social distancing while golfing. I think it is important to keep a calm head as well…For proper respect of lock down initiatives, they do need to make sense – otherwise we are just left with totalitarianism…

  3. I have a question – is it not possible that the 'flattening of the curve' that we witness and are trying to achieve, is NOT due to the lock-downs but simply due to the fact that the most vulnerable people, whether that be by age, health, genetics etc. have been infected earlier on and those particularly unlucky ones have died? The flattening of the curve is simply demonstrating the average and the steep rise before shows the rapid spread of the virus and it's danger to the vulnerable. 

    I fear that we are getting drawn into the drama of this and looking at the terrible time that the NHS are having  (which is terrible)  rather than the truth when compared to deaths from Flu, Cancer, Heart Disease each day. 

    We are destroying our economy which is what we need to pay for outbreaks like Covid 19 and to improve the NHS based on this lesson. We will be flooded by homelessness, poor health, murders, suicide, child abuse, domestic abuse and no tax income to pay for anything.

    Please – I am begging you to just try looking at the social and financial outcome of this way of tackling a virus, in the same way that you study the statistics and outcomes of pandemic lock-downs. We CANNOT deal with every virus pandemic in this way. Look more deeply into the figures of infection and mortality rates in Italy – the lock-down changed nothing. We are just observing a highly contagious viral outbreak run it's course. This has simply shown us that by the time a virus as contagious as Covid19 has been noticed, it has spread everywhere already so we must keep the economy afloat to pay for the care of the sick.

  4. yes it s true my mate owns her own salon and although she has closed her shop, per the government they are still allowed to be open. very strange indeed

  5. Anyone noticed that the only ones who are being ticked or arrested are soul persons on a bench or walk- but the Muslims are Not harassed in their mosques, funerals, protest in streets? Only other classes and religions must hole up in their homes???? Until there is a vaccine?!!! WTH?

  6. Please read the New York Times daily to see what’s going on with COVID19 decisions in the US. Examples are:
    1. Wisconsin face to face elections
    2. Governments allowing beaches to be open
    3. Thousands going to church together in a building

  7. We, Australia, are in stage 3 lockdown and have been for a week. Yes, hairdressers are still open and most of Australia don't agree with it.

    The only time we're allowed out of the house is for essential work, food shopping, doctors/chemist and to go for a short walk.

    Stay safe everyone.

  8. You aksed to suggest something better than cell phone track, and Im willing to suggest cos I hate cell phone (and if you promiss dont fall on the ground on shock I will tell you: I dont have a cell phone 🙂 I know I look like alien, but I never had a cell phone). Thus, not having a cell phone will make it haaaaard to any goverment use my cell phone to say if Im imune or not.
    Well, theres a movie, from 2002 I think, its with kate Winslet and Jude Law, called Contagious (or something like this, I dont know the title exactly in english), when they start to vacine people after a pandemic, but slowly, cos there are only a few doses being made each month. Anyway, who gets the vacine, plus a few people who were imune already, would get one arm band, to use on pulse, like those on hospitals, plastic made, impossible to remove unless you cut out, and so you cant give to another person to use in your place. Nor can it be stole away. In the movie, people with the band were imune (took the vacine) and could walk on streets, and people without it should stay at home untill they could take the vacine.
    Other way was.. here in Brazil everybody, on streets, are required to carry identity card on streets. Ok, they could add something, like a stample, on ID card to show people they were imune. I dont like this one much cos its easy to forge. The pulse band is better (actualy.. wristle.. i think.. its a word with W not "pulse". But its on the joint of hand and arm).
    Other way would be a temporary tatoo, I would hate it as well, and it would be easy to be "forged" or "faked" by criminals.
    On any case, it must be something phisycal, hard to be copied/forged/faked, something I cant give away to other people, something that other people cant steal from me… so the plastic bands are, in my opinion, better option even than the cellphones (cos cellphones can be stole away).

  9. Yes, the churches are open in Texas. We have the "right" to go. Most people will stay home and watch it on line. With freedom comes responsiblity.

  10. 3:45
    "Dr Fauci"

    This guys name is spoken frequently in the media.
    Its pronounced F-ouchie…
    NOT F-oussy

    I do understand that the good doctor is dyslexic.
    But it is also my understanding that he is a good researcher.
    So these mistakes puzzle me.

  11. And to prevent new pandemics we should ban all kind of animal use in all the world. While people continues eating meat new pandemics will continue punishing us and could be even much worse ones.
    Covid19, Sars, mers, hiv, swine flu, aviar flu, spanish flu, ebola all originated because we exploit animals. It's time to stop the cause of the issue by stopping using animals in first place.
    Here well explained the history and prevention of pandemics by the Dr. Greger.

  12. Australian here – there seems to be a delay in our data of new cases over a few days. I have been watching our graph daily.

    Thanks for your work Doc.

  13. Thank you for sharing — very good information and it is appreciated. Golf courses being open in Florida and Arizona is totally ridiculous. Heaven forbid the rich folks wouldn't get their exercise. The price of the "game" excludes alot of people. Shame on them.

  14. The Government is taking its advice from a group called the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), the key decision-making committee for health emergencies.
    It's chaired by the Australian chief medical officer and consists of some of Australia's best medical minds. And they're having great results . Never closed schools .lol

  15. You keep saying distance at least 2 meters.. but you have a problem with someone staying isolated in the sun, alone , on a beach. Doesnt make much sense to me.

  16. There will be massive spread in Australia, my local chemist, supermarket and McDonald’s all had positive cases. Limits on testing criteria which means even though I was in chemist I can’t get tested until I develop symptoms which by then is too late.

  17. Upcoming mass deaths in the remaining red states should be interesting, if tragic. Denying science comes with it's own price, hope God looks after them. We'll send Thoughts and Prayers. They'll be crying for ventilators.

  18. I walked to a store today. I've been inside so long my legs didn't work right! I could only take small steps. Sciatic maybe, or just tightened from lack of walking or stretching. Stretching is something I can do, but I haven't been doing it.

  19. Your comments about Golf courses implies that you are willing to comment on something you know nothing about, Exercise and fresh air in open direct sunlight with social distancing sound like the perfect place to be as opposed to being indoors breathing stale air.