$5.8 TRILLION 2023 Budget: BILLIONS For Defense, NO Money For Covid

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss the expiration of federal Covid-19 testing and treatment reimbursement programming for the uninsured.

President Joe Biden speaks about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine after unveiling his proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 in the State Dining Room of the White House, Monday, March 28, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

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  1. What happened to “no one should be forced to get vaccinated”? You guys are in the pockets of some kind of pharma. What are you doing suggesting types of coercion to get people vaccinated?

  2. The Military Industrial Complex is now joined by the Big Oil, Pharma, and Banks to form a bigger complex. With each crisis, they grow bigger. So, the more the merrier. We will just hold the bag.

  3. With this billions of defense budget they will look another country to wage war to spend these military equipment.
    I wonder which country will fall as next victim of U.S hegenomy.
    Possible in Middle east Like Iran or maybe a proxy war Between China or Taiwan or maybe an engineered dispute in South China Sea 💁

  4. Biden was not more committed to Afghanistan robby. Trump had it all ready to go and negotiated the deal but Trump wasn't gonna leave 86 billion dollar worth of taxpayer funded equipment behind like Biden did which is now in the hands of the Taliban. Plus Trump wasn't gonna give up bagrum airbase because its close to China etc. Which we spent billions to run and maintain that base etc

  5. At the 4:04 point, Robby says, "If Biden wanted to, he could make the intellectual argument.." wow, I doubt Biden could make any intellectual argument on anything, given how much he must have cue cards to read from, given to him by his staffers so that he can even be understood to say even anything, instead of pure jibberish.

  6. I solve that problem by not testing, pretending its a bad flu and not isolating from store and such, and wearing a mask to protect myself alone from people s foul breaths. 🖕

  7. It's shocking that people have to pay, and pay a lot, for PCR tests. In Portugal, the little country that could, testing is free at any pharmacy and vaccines and boosters are available at no cost. Shame on Biden.

  8. I just got my second Covid shot two days ago lol. I had to get it for work or I wouldn’t have. So I’m sure they’re are some ppl who would be effected by this

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