$5 For Plastic Bags at Coles

#coles #environmentalism #heisesays
The extra profits for Coles are just a bonus, it’s for the environment.


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  1. living in canberra i can say, that the amount of people now living across the boarder is crazy, googong was one of the highest growth suburbs in australia

  2. Just on the topic of clean-up australia day – I helped organise a local clean up event one year, it was massive – we had a huge turnout of people come and help on the day, and we recovered something like 60 tonnes of random rubbish from a local river, in just one day. You would be surprised how much ends up in the waterways.

    I think that every direct and real (not token / token-systemic) effort helps.

    Overcharging for plastic bags is daylight robbery though.

  3. Just boycott the stores vote with your feet the waste that they will generate in food that spoils because people won't buy so much fresh fruit and vegetables will end up costing Coles more

  4. Funny story from here in England. When you order Subway on delivery, there is a 10p charge on the plastic bag they deliver it to you in, with no option to get it delivered without one. They're making their money back and some more on their mandatory plastic bags. I thought these laws were built to reduce plastic, not just become another way businesses can cut costs.

  5. Well this doesn't bother me, have been bringing my own bags for the last couple of years. I forgot to bring a bag a few times, if it cost me $5 a bag I may of lost around $40 over the 2 years. That said, I think the supermarkets should pay for it. FYI, I save and use the bread wrapping to wrap cheese and other things, apparently biodegradable now anyway. I do wonder how the bread makers can supply biodegradable bags and the supermarket cannot.

  6. Just stop making plastic altogether, nothing wrong with calico, cotton, hessian. The pollution to air and water from producing plastic is horrendous. Simple just stop making it

  7. Personally I like the paper mushroom bags and have just been using them for all my Veg for a very long time.

    Also, it’s genuinely more useful as items that need to be ripened on the counter will ripen faster in a brown paper bag

  8. My coles bags are 20c for a paper bag.. I also use the paper bag for rubbish bag.

    If they run out of paper bags then I use plastic, as long as there is paper bags available I have no problem with $5 plastic bag as long as there is paper bags.

  9. I'm not old enough that I ever did grocery shops when plastic bags were still around. Always had to bring reusable bags so I don't understand what all the anger is about. When I was a kid I just remember a big pile of them in the garage. It didn't seem like it made things any easier for Mum doing the weekly shop versus what we do now.

  10. I have been doing this for years, I always just put the fresh produce loose in the trolley and then hand it to the teller. The teller has never even blinked when I do this so I assume many people are already doing it. I am not a greenie, but I just hate waste.

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