5 MILLION Americans Estimated Out Sick Due To Omicron, Surge Leads To Complete BREAKDOWN Of Services

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss the explosive spread of the Omicron variant across the country.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File. A medical technician performs a nasal swab test image courtesy of AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File.

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  1. Zerlina Maxwell on the Mehdi Hasan Show said there were 3,488 children hospitalized with COVID-19, the worst they've ever seen during the pandemic. They had Paul Offit, who is at Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Offit said that when children come into the hospital, they are invariably not vaccinated — the kids aren't vaccinated, their parents aren't vaccinated, and the siblings aren't vaccinated. He said the big problem is getting everybody vaccinated. She also had Sandy Redding, the president of the California Nurses Association, who said that the Biden plan to shorten post-virus quarantine was wrong, because they'll come back too soon and infect other people. Sending asymptomatic nurses back will spread the infection among other health care workers. Once she has an expert to interview, Zerlina knows how to ask the right questions. Maybe that's because her father was a microbiologist.

    I think you ought to have more doctors and medical professionals on the program, like Zerlina and Mehdi Hasan do. I realize that Robby has learned a lot about COVID-19 from reading the internet and the New York Times, but it would add a lot to the program if you had somebody like Offit, who is a real doctor, who developed vaccines, who is treating children with COVID-19 right now, and knows what's really happening. Offit and Redding were saying that if we don't get everyone vaccinated, and wearing masks, they're just going to go on dying of COVID-19. Robby is very reassuring, but Offit and Redding are treating actual patients, and they don't sound as optimistic.

  2. Ryan's arguments and logic are so deeply flawed and inconsistent that it has become amazing he still has a job. His ability to call out casual BS and hypocrisy is overshadowed by his complete inability to attempt any multifactorial analysis. The show does a deep disservice in general by basing an analysis of a "new strain" on the reading of an NBC headline. They then dip into even more destructive territory by adopting a metaphorical, almost fantastical, approach to analyzing the new strain as if two different Lego sets were being hybridized. It is the bottom barrel of wasted time and indicative of profound thoughtlessness. Rising with these two clowns, who regurgitate fragments of twitter analysis and apply no rigor, is a detriment to the media landscape. Besides the covering of some underreported events (less and less frequently, it should be noted) Rising has become a stale impersonation of cable tv with disimpassioned, predictable analysis that parrots well represented DC factions — fueled with all the lame enthusiasm of fully developed twitter-psychosis.

  3. I tested positive for covid the other day. I was super sick for about 12 hours, then slept another 12 and most of my symptoms were gone. I had fever, body aches, and headache. The body aches were awful, but within 36 hours, I was symptom free and now I’m stuck at home, bored out of my mind. My employer is still doing a 10 day quarantine because the cdc didn’t change their suggestion until the holidays, so they haven’t changed their policy yet. This is dumb as heck.

  4. What do you expect when you require people to stay home for mild cold symptoms for extended periods of time during flu season? I got the first two shots, before these tyrants started mandating and ruining peoples’ lives. I won’t be getting the booster. This agenda is so blatant and disgusting.

  5. wheres the part where robbie goes on and on about our "kids have to be in school no matter what, they're not at risk." sometimes robbie being out of school or work is better, maybe start working on accepting that

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