5 TERRIFYING MOMENTS From the World Economic Forum | Louder With Crowder

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#Davos #GreatReset #FreeSpeech

“Eat My Butt”

Written by CrowderBits


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  1. Privacy and dignity of children means affirming gender ie convincing them to transition. I have a deck from my daughters school that details it.
    The German guy needs to fix his collar

  2. Only America could throw two world wars so thoroughly that a freaking German could speak on behalf of the world's government club.

    Especially given that we funded pretty much all of it.

    Why couldn't you print meat in a printer, if you çould make a fully functioning organ?

    "A billion people will be displaced by climate change."

    Then why would we trust you to fix it?

  3. Can you get all you people trained on guns and get them to wear a shoulder holster like you! Would so solidarity in the right the bear arms in America!! Plus you would be living up to others as dad ass Americans supporting your right to carry!!!

  4. So they don’t have a single person or group of people that are not rich to give their perspective on the world at all!!! Most people are poor so screw what the Rich have to say!!!!

  5. It’s going to be a tough sell for Americans. They have to take our guns first. If the cops are scared of a single guy with a rifle they really aren’t going to like coming to my house.

  6. All of these ideas that are coming out of Davos are the product of supercilious, smug individuals thatare angling to have all the world's resources to enrich them.

  7. Freedom from online violence…? People people people, there's a off button on your computer, learn to use it! There's a mute button, there's solutions to protect your frail feelings that don't require banning free speech. Charles Manson sent his followers on a killing because he thought he heard a message in "Helter Skelter", are we going to ban the "White Album"?

  8. This is who EVERYONE needs to mainly focus on. Thank you for showing this. If Hoffman glasses from the movie they live where real, they’d 100% be the aliens.

  9. I wish all the political people that care about truth would focus on them more. They’re causing ALL of these problems. They even admit to it.

  10. The U.S. needs a leader to stand up to WEF , Gates and the rest of the billionaire elite pricks. Why does the press give Gates, Suckerbourg or Musk coverage? Big money doesn't make them God.

  11. Steven there is a difference in the democrat party and a democratic party. There is nothing
    democratic about the democrat party .
    It is not the democratic party , it is , the democrat party.

  12. I still think the people of the world should unite and boycott all currency. It would take the legs right out from under these lunatic tyrants. We would also have to start giving a shit about each other.

  13. If people don't understand what the issue is with a group of the world's biggest and most powerful elitists talking about upending all of society and centuries of lawmaking in cahoots with one another then i don't know what more to tell people, this is what the NWO stuff was all about, a shadowy cabal of elitists meeting to draft secret deals and plans with one another to screw you over and grant themselves absolute kingly power over you and other "peasants" it's not partisan, the right AND THE LEFT should BOTH have an issue with the WEF, it's billionaires, it's elitists, it's the richest, biggest a-holes in the planet talking about granting themselves absolute power over the plebs, there is not right or acceptable about this.

  14. What if Germany created all these pipeline ties to Russia to create an alliance with Russia later; thus having the only stream of oil during another world war. They could theoretically take all of Europe pretty easily once sanctioned oil hits European economies/supplies. They're also the country that just raised their defense spending by 100 billion.

  15. The "great reset" is as much a conspiracy theory created by shadow elite as the "great replacement" but Crowder would rather have you believe that the great replacement is wild conspiracy theory. Also screw eyepatch mccain. Crenshaw is no conservative.

  16. Snake holders or stakeholders. Snakes are manifestation of evil. Stakeholder is an attempt to replace the idea of globalism. There are two groups the haves and the have nots.

  17. The blond woman is an example of confession by projection. The log in my eye is the opinions of bullies online. Everything is binary because you are the one one creating the either or categories. Its also called the strawman argument. Trudeau talking about the danger of totalitarians the day after he had police shoot a reporter point blank with tear gas. Trudeau confesses he is a totalitarian by projectiles.

  18. Funny how this gelled with hillary waiting in the wings, then we got Trump and energy independence. Then we got the virus from China + election fraud = the corrupt biden administration… Our government is our own worst enemy, bent on ceding our country to would-be global kings and making us subjects instead of citizens. FLICK off Klaus!

  19. They think they have power!!!
    We have the numbers and that's what scares them!!!
    Only IDIOT'S fall into their propaganda and bullsh!t lies!!
    And IDIOT'S don't last long when the sh!t hits the fan !!!

  20. This great reset BS is here already. The move to restrict energy production is already happening, inflation and rising prices are already happening, people won't be able to afford anything the way this is going if this climate change nonsense isn't stopped. The cabal is trying to bring back serfdom, renting everything? Seriously.

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