50 Years of Dems ABANDONING The Working Class | Krystal Kyle & Friends

Krystal and Kyle Kulinski of Krystal Kyle & Friends talk to historian Harvey Kaye and a progressive activist about how Democrats abandoned their working class base over the past 50 years

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  1. Can you imagine Biden or these spineless Democrats, taling on corporate power like FDR did? Seems like the regular citizens are caught between a rock and a hard place. The feckless Dems have betrayed the working class and the Republicans who have absolutely no love for the working class.

  2. Democrats suck and Republicans suck (more). Where does that leave us. Not the Libertarian Party or the Democratic Socialists. There's literally no-one to vote for.

  3. Instead of the fighting for the working class, the Democratic Party is now fighting for mostly middle class and upper middle class concerns such as "Medicare for all", cancellation of student debt, all manner of wokeness etc.

  4. Step 1: Corporations are not people
    Step 2: Campaign finance
    Step 3: Problem solved
    Unfortunately, breaking points ain't about solutions.
    Far more profitable for them to complain and complain and complain.

  5. Nixon, Ford, and Carter were plagued by inflation, Volker's action was to combat that. This guy is a nut. Professor? Shame.

  6. Get those old lifers, that have been bought out over 1k times, out of there and get some young forward-thinking as-of-yet corrupted minds in there! And I don't mean like Boebert/Gaetz/Cawthorn/MTG, I mean actual good/smart peeps.

  7. Sounded like Reagan not Jimmy Carter. Jimmy had our country going green. Reagan lowered taxes for the upper wealth class got rid of incentives to go green. Waged an illegal war in Central America funded by cocaine trafficking to the American population. Jimmy did practice austerity and the interest rates went to 21%. As a result of that savings accounts by Americans went way up. Your average passbook could 8 or 9% just having it in the savings account and if you did one of the longer terms you could get 12 to 14%. When I bought my first house I think I paid around 11 or 12% on the mortgage I was overjoyed to even get one. Of course in California where houses are a million and up a house were hovering around $100,000 up in Washington I bought my first house for under $30,000 same neighborhood $450k and up.

  8. Grew up in the party. Voted for war criminals for years. ? Questioned my beliefs when Trump won. Hillary's big fiery arms deal is out of Dune. Rockstars of both parties sling missiles. Psycho

  9. yes but the so called progressive politicians are not fighting for the right things. They have instead been co-opted the corporate Democrats. So I'm done with politicians all together. Unfortunately our system is screwed right now.. There is no one to vote for. No one!!

  10. The thirties and sixties did nothing to help the Democratic Party, but sure did give more power to Central Bankers and the war machine. From Wilson to FDR to LBJ and forward the Dems have shot their constituency from behind and it is finally coming to roost. If we only had a decent government in which to install alternatives but unfortunately elected officials don't hold the real power. Thus both parties are our enemies.

  11. Only problem with the arguments of these socialists here who believe they have the answer to the path to Nirvana, is that people were enjoying a relatively good standard of living before the New Deal was implemented, and that applies particularly to black communities. Once the welfare system was put in place, families fell apart, and reliance on government, out of wedlock babies with no father around, became the norm.

    You are practicing cognitive dissonance, please stop, you’re fooling only those who wish for history to be rewritten.

    And support Democrats, what a sick joke! Black communities have been supporting the party of slavery, mass abortion and the KKK for decades, and look where it’s got them!!

  12. It is very easy to condemn the Clintons these days. We have to remember they were operating in the aftermath of the Reagan Revolution and later the GOP takeover of the House. While they made mistakes, the facts are clear: 1) incredible economic growth resulting in a boom rivaling the 1980s 2) taxes raised on the wealthiest while being lowered on the poorest citizens (via the Earned Income Tax Credit), which made society fairer 3) lowering of the national debt to the point that we ran a surplus in 2000–the only time we've done so in our modern history and 4) we avoided major wars during that time.

    True, the record seems pale given what current progressives want, but truthfully they mattered much less in policts until 2000 when Ralph Nader helped sink Al Gore's chances of winning the presidency.

  13. yes FDR and his New Deal policy started the kicking the can down the road and the democrats have just piled it on ever since, with the help of Republicans at times as well. FDR made Trump look a gentleman and seem intelligent .

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