500 Million jobs will be lost

500 Million jobs will be lost

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  1. At the end of the day it comes down to what are you prepared to do to survive. I am prepared to go full cannibal head hunter, are you? I dare you to crash the system.

  2. People who have guns and let tyranny go on are as bad as the tyranny itself! I wonder if the people living around this wicked world under tyranny wish they never gave up their guns?

  3. The Politicians, Regulators, & Media criminal cartel control the insane supply shutdown tyranny for the U.N. Agenda 30.
    There were three climate changes last century, a warm one, a cold one and a warm one of which is coming to an end. And now with the lesser output from the sun, we are going into a very low temperature climate. The suns output determines our climates.
    Carbon dioxide CO2 and all other gases dump heat at night to outer space, warm day cold night and are not greenhouse gases. All heat flows to cold. The only significant greenhouse gas is water vapour.
    The climate regulations come under the power of an oligarchy of unelected Regulatory Authorities in our institutions i.e., Mandatory shutting down water supply to farmers and what they can grow, is destroying food supply by an out of control dictatorship. The efficacy of climate change regulations cannot be replicated scientifically and are based on politics to destroy western food supply, democracy, and economies. We have been groomed to starve. All food in the supermarket has a fossil fuel element to it.
    The population of the Western world is being poisoned with Zero efficacy medication. The medical industrial estate has withdrawn safe medicines. Food and oil are now in short supply and expensive.
    Government and unelected regulators running our institutions are committing crimes against humanity, with the carbon climate change environmental tyranny oil lock down. Wake up, CO2 under 150ppm all plants die, and everything else as a result. GOD HELP US Paradise is lost! These tyrants hate everyone including themselves Mandated climate Lock down of Coal fuel energy supply is now a serious problem globally. Food supply and travel is coming to an end as we know it. (All orchestrated by false fear).

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