500 Million Pushed Into Poverty By COVID Policies

Back in April 2020, the UN warned that the coronavirus pandemic could push as many as 500 million people around the globe into poverty, and that’s precisely what has happened. Despite these predictions, the global community did little to nothing to address the economic consequences of lockdowns, and the price has been paid by the people in primarily poor and middle income nations in the global south.

Jimmy and Max Blumenthal discuss this incalculably consequential failure by the UN and other international bodies.

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  1. They are pushing us into poverty so we are to busy with survival to fight back. China has won. You know it says in 1862 they hung a man for treason. He tore down the American flag during the revolution. Senator Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years while she pushed Chinese trade agendas during her career. This world is corrupted, and we are all undeserving of it. Will anyone stand up before it’s to late?

  2. The UN and their sustainability programs "end poverty" by claiming that if you earn ANY amount at least 1.9 dollars per day (or whatever ridiculously low threshold they always use). They always pick a threshold that's so stupidly low, it's meaningless. So many academic have already come out to criticize saying, their poverty threshold numbers are meaningless until they start realistically setting them at least at 5 dollars minimum per day. AND when you use a realistic threshold, you discover, that poverty has actually increased globally. what a surprise 🙄

  3. That's the purpose: to enslave everyone. Those who will not be in the category of extreme poverty, will be fucked up by the vaccines. Either way, they'll be more rich because we allow this thing

  4. Twitter now bans you for saying any COVID policies caused more harm than good.

    You can like a policy. You can't dislike it. Next you will be required to actively like each new policy to keep using your account.

  5. The real virus is overreaction. Yes vaccine take vaccine. Yes monoclonal do monoclonal. I’m fully vaxxed and have no concern only wear mask where mandatory. These at home mandates have been horrible to the poor. Take care of yourself and stop overreacting.

  6. In Brazil the left and the globalist center attacked Jair Bolsonaro for trying to have preemptive, early treatment and for trying to keep the economy open saying that poor people don't have the luxury of staying home. It's a shame that the left has come to this. They are now partner in crime of big pharma and billionaires. I wish we had left wingers who are at least in touch with reality. Like Jimmy Dore. Wake up people! We are getting robbed and being enslaved!

  7. No fucking shit Jimmy!!!!! The current government in the US is evil!!!! Globalism is evil!!!!! Government dependence is societal and cultural suicide!!!! The government wants us poor, weak, and docile!!!! Why can’t the left see this!!!!!

  8. We've been forcing lock downs on the people of any country that defies us for many years; we call it sanctions. We are well aware that this causes death and mass suffering.

  9. So here in the u.k. a new variation arrives which has been proven to be much milder than delta but, for some manic reason, needs stricter public guidance. Everyone needs the booster, including kids, even though covid effects on under 50's is minimal. At present, in the u.k., covid deaths are now lower than flu deaths, per day, from previous years. Astra zenca said only the aged and people with underlying issues should be given the booster yet governments are following moderna and Pfizer advice? Is there a better time to let the virus spread now and give people better immunisation.

  10. Lucky there was a planned attack to shut Alex Jones up, he was warning people at the top of his voice about everything that is happening now years ago. Once they label you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ people don’t listen till it’s too late.

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