55% of likely voters believe that Joe Biden has dementia.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. your no good for america / p[ease leave youtube till you understand what a con man is / 25 million this year to protect betsy devos . nothing gets by your keen eyes..

  2. Even though I am on the right I kind of feel bad for him . My Dad has dementia and can see it in Biden . The bad thing is he is not admitting . My Dad will first tell people he has it before he even talks . He would not be doing something like running for president . He gave up driving and admits when he can't do things .

  3. I generally agree with your positions on things, and I know you said you're still pretty likely to vote for Trump … but understand voting this year is in great part a defensive measure. You've rightly railed against the words and actions of the democrats, their support of cancel culture, their reliance on identity politics, etc. You must also know there are only two parties which can be in the White House. Thus, a 3rd party vote is a default vote for the democrats. Abstaining is similarly tilting in favour of the democrats (when measured against an affirmative vote for Trump).

    He gets a lot of things wrong – I see the faulty messaging and decision-making. He should have put the riots down hard. I agree the church message should have been followed through in the following days.

    If the democrats take the White House … you're going to see a purge of anyone who doesn't conform with left wing groupthink. And I think that'll just be the beginning. So ask yourself: in 2021 and beyond do you want to retain the possibility of free thought and expression?

  4. I think there should be an age limit for President. There's an age requirement, 35, so why not a limit? It only makes sense especially since older men or women are generally declining in their health. How about 35-70? Once you're older than that, you're out. So if you win and you're 70… you can't go for a second term. This should probably be extended to both state and federal levels of the house, senate and governor's office. There should also be term limits on those positions just like for President. Maybe put it at 12 years consecutive and like 18 years total, however many terms that would be for a specific position. It doesn't make any sense than someone can be in the senate for 40 years. There needs to be a little more turnover. Plus the older you get, the less likely you are to change your mind or beliefs, so if you're wrong or have bad ideas, but you keep getting re-elected, you're a potentially a danger for multiple decades.

  5. The Democrats somehow believe Biden is the only one that can defeat Trump. If by chance or cheating, Biden wins. i suspect he will step down of removed with the 25th amendment, within 6 months of his first term.

  6. They are voting his v.p. as president. Its sad that they are banking on this to put in a black women, I'd vote for a great women, black or whatever color, but vote for her as president not v.p.

  7. For years I lived near enough to Delaware to be aware of Biden. He was a lying crook, owned democrat, from the start.

  8. voting to give a dementia patient the nuclear codes is a deeply immoral act, there are more people in the world than american leftists.

  9. The other 100% have dementia as well… If you have to wonder if someone has dementia, would you really put the country's future on their hands….

  10. I’d suggest that how a person takes in their news has more to do with how they decide this issue than anything else. My group, “over 65”, might still believe, in large numbers, that The News (TM, a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC) tells them the truth. But network and most cable news sure as hell isn’t going to show you Joe’s flubs and incoherence. Thus, they see the airbrushed version of Joe. And it’s, “Oh, he’s such a nice guy. I’ll vote for him.”
    Anyway, I’d have to feel this is a big part of the cause of the disparity in the demographic numbers. Even though Joe screws things up in public many people never have a clue about what he’s done.

  11. when it comes to biden you aren't voting for him you are voting for who ever is his vp, probably hillary. he won't make it through the first term before he steps down.

  12. Biden is too far goneto be president and the Democrats know it.
    All they want him for is a place holder for the radical communist vice president they pick!
    He can win the presidency then resign leaving the communist as president for 4 years!

  13. He can't get through his ad read for his current commercial with infinite chances and a teleprompter. It's hilarious. "Today I ask you to for….."

  14. And the problem is when you hear about these poles they are democratic bias polls I used to work in the following industry don't believe the fake polls seriously I'm being honest here seriously the left has an agenda they don't want you to know what the real thing is because the ones that are the true polls the ones that have been dependable since 1912 like zoggs B, Rasmussen, Erickson pole and the Gateway pundit every one of them of likely voters were asked and they says a whopping 75% would favor Donald Trump in a re-election over Biden

  15. I agree I believe that he has either dementia or he's had a several strokes which have significantly reduced his cognitive abilities! the man can barely form a single comprehensible sentence!

  16. even if he doesn't have dementia, it is clear Biden's current cognitive ability, energy, willpower, and overall health are not sufficient to lead this country. Biden is aging very badly, in contrast, whatever Bernie is eating and doing on a daily basis, I should be doing that, because even at the same age as Biden and having a heart surgery, Bernie's articulation and energy aren't faltering.

  17. This election tion is between Trump and who ever the Democrats pick to run with Joe. The progressive wing of the party will be pushing for as progressive of a candidate as possible. I'm not going to say who but I believe they will settle on a female POC#. The question is how long after the inauguration does Joe either step down or be forced from office*. If he is forced from office we will have seen a coup in the United States. If it stands I expect to see calls for a Constitutional Convention to bring the Constitution in line with the 21st Century. This will include elimination of the EC. Proportional representation by population in the Senate provided the Senate survives. Possible proportional representation in the House based on election results. This could lead to the spawning of numerous "3rd parties that could wield an enormous amount of political power on close issues. You think we have gridlock now, just wait. Establishment of new states made up of major Metro areas. A complete re-writing of the Bill of Rights. Numerous other changes that effectively strip the citizens and States of rights they currently enjoy. The new Constitution to be approved by the electorate. This will new Constitution will effectively create a one party state as far as the Federal government goes. This one party state will be the result of the party in power gerrymandering state lines to ensure a majority of the electorate lives in reliably Democrat areas. This will effectively make large portions of the country little more than tax plantations.
    #Just be glad AOC isn't eligible to run
    *Based on the assumption that Biden wins

  18. My Mom has Dementia. I can easily see that Joe Biden behaves in similar ways. The man will need professional care. He may be taking drugs to try to delay the obvious effects if this condition. Nothing can stop it. It is cruel and insidious. They call it the long goodbye. Fisrt youget to say goodbye to the person then you get to watch them die. For my mother every day is like groundhog day, the movie. She thinks it's 29 years ago and ius always shocked to hear how many people are dead and that she is losing her mind. It's sad. This is NOT someone who should be in ANY position of authority because they can become highly suceptabe to manipulation.

  19. They have not filled key positions ecause the fix is in. There will be multiple layers of scams from the left. One is the attempt to use mail in ballots, the other will be faithles electors to turn states, another will be either replacing Biden or simply slipping in a semi likable black female candidate ( not likable by me) like Mrs Obama. Then they can add a far left vice presidential candidate like AOC as bait for the Marxists. Then they will pull in the fringe voters. The Democrats will try any possible scam or fraud to seek power and many of them belong in prison already.

  20. The Democrats are relying on brainwashing and cheating 100%. They aren't filling battleground positions because they have 0 expectation of converting anyone to their side. They're just hoping they don't lose too many people and that their attempts to corrupt the process don't get comprimised.

  21. We are in a culture of nostalgia merchants now. From entertainment, to politics now. The ONLY reason this guy is even talked about, is because of Obama. The "good ol' days", I suppose. I dunno, Obama levied a tax on me for losing my job and being poor, and Trump not only took that away, he also lowered my other taxes. I don't usually care about presidents until they stick their fucking noses into my life.

  22. I watched my mother and grandmother up close decline. It's the same. I loath Biden – I think his wife and DNC handlers are guilty of elder abuse with their insistence of pushing him forward.

  23. Biden may be a doddering, senile old fool, but I and many other likely voters would rather have a doddering, senile old fool in the White House than Trump. That Biden's poll numbers are way ahead of Trump's despite widespread awareness of his cognitive issues should tell you something about Americans' tolerance for Trump's mendaciousness and malice.

  24. Well here we are after the democrat convention, and they are acting like they will do everything they can to keep him from debating. It’s ridiculous. What the hell kind of presidential campaign is this? Millions of people deluded.