58-1! HUGE Win Streak By Trump Endorsed Candidates Has Leftists SHOOK!


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


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  1. fifty-eight to one is a record to be envious of. That gives me real hope. We need to get rid of the current disaster in the White House asap.

  2. None of this means anything… Biden will win 131,000,000,000, 734 with the 131,000,000,000 votes coming in at 4:22 am the day after the Election, making him the most popular Human since the Dawn of Time!

  3. Hivemind: Stacey Abrams can't carry her own state!

    Me: that's an understatement, she can't carry her own weight! She's one sandwich away from being a Lizzo Land whale!

  4. You can't call somebody a traitor because of a Tweet. I am more of the mindset, that I want to hear Liberal Drivel from the person's mouth. Like Dan Crenshaw….. Damn Pawn.

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