[6.16] “Second Wave” – Act Blue – DDoS – FDA Revokes HCQ – Trump Jr. Jokes About Aliens

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Watch: Black Woman Goes Off on the Democratic Party:
Minnesota Freedom Fund only used 200K out of 20M raised:
Malik Obama’s “birth certificate” tweet:
Fifty-four scientists fired for taking foreign money:
FDA revokes HCQ authorization:
Trump Jr. joking that he’ll ask his dad about aliens:

Written by Destroying the Illusion

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  1. You havent seen the show by Del Bigtree yet? Its called the HCQ scandle I think and another called Deadly Dose on the same studies- Basically the WHO, Bill Gates Foundation and CDC pulled HCQ after Lancet fraud on discredited hcq study and worse- Two Studies where each gave fatal doses of hcq in study , one which was 4 x the accumulative dose fatality dose which they knew from prior research was fatal , in their two studies prompting the CDC to pull hcq emergency use

  2. Science is much more corrupted than even Jordan here realizes. He still thinks that we live on a spinning ball hurtling through mythical space at absurd speeds. Aliens? Think demons. Because we are living in the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy. Do you get it?!?

  3. As far as police go, yes some bad ones that need to go and some that need better training. But we arent the ones there handling things we are more like a boss that doesnt know the work. And – when anyone thinks about security or protection they dont go get a cat or a poodle – knowing the rep for the larger protective breed requires work. It takes a certain type of person to do that work so we can give some leniency or refrain from judgement until all the facts are in.

  4. Someone explain to me how lizard like creatures became the dominant species in the universe. You know, the one's that are supposedly in all those DUMB's.

  5. Justin , their going to frighten the life out of us even though lots of people De Steven Grear say yourself and others have telling us for the past three years …… tell me how to clear my Penail gland people say do it bother people say no
    What’s did you use Justin ??
    God bless stage safe. God bless lovely ?

  6. The race riots did actually work, their point was to start the defunding and replacing the police in order to usher in UN peacekeepers who don’t follow the constitution or bill of rights.

  7. It’s cuz the snitch community policing is ALREADY in place…..they don’t want to expose this but also it’s gonna put lots of black water type employees aka security stalkers out of “work” and make em homeless and therefore VOCAL…..

  8. Jordan..Check This Out…Input any 3 digit number into Goog. followed by the word cases or new cases… Proves it's all B.S..!

  9. May we consider us being here like soldiers, volunteers fighting for the planetary liberation.
    And as soldiers being like, should we have to remember that our language is, or may be, much more 'flexible,'… as much as we may not feel ashamed if hearing phrases like 'the dick to the nose'…
    But the problem is that in some cultures the phrase may seem very strange,… So, even is your language accepted, you get often the question: OK, but what does it mean?…
    The answer is: simply,… shaking the dick towards someone's nose…

  10. I knew the birth certificate for Obama was a fake. I did do some other research. I thought the same thing about the blue check mark. Scrolled past that one. I've seen a lot of crap like this lately.

  11. I only wore one once myself.. Cause I couldn't get into the hospital to see my mom without one.. Was during the peak of the introduction of the masks.. I had it onl for less than 5 minutes while I delivered something to her and ripped it off soon as I got down and out door of hospital.. I won't do it next time even in hospital.. My life my choice.. I don't have it, they tested my temperature, I don' thave it so no need for mast causse it only protects exhaling for about 30 minutes and then the mask becoems a bigger bacteria situation.. so fuck em..

  12. 35000 kids saved? It's almost as sensational as alien articles.. China lake had the 10,000 or so kids in cages.. I don't know if any were saved.. if they wanted to be saved they were, many weren't wanting to.. it's nuked now.. Sometimes it has to be that way.. The child trafficking industry is way more deeper and profitable than the alien scene.. I may have not happened there, but DUMBS do house a lot of children, a lot of clones and a lot of evil.. even in some cases nephilim.. Stock the copper…. But I doubt any of it will reach the news.. it's a subject matter not for the masses whether narrative or not depends on it..

  13. Hahahahaha y’all are crazy!!!!! Qanon using this act blue thing proves that qanon is a crock of shit lol. The act blue thing has been debunked.

  14. i really appreciate what you do hon so thank you. just curious are you saying that you dont believe kids have been rescued from undergound at all? or just that 35000 kids have been rescued. i believe there is real evidence showing that there most certainly have been kids and babies etc resscued and DUMBS blown up after

  15. Your cockiness, condescending comments give you away. Don't know who you really are, where you get your money or anything about you.