60% of the Time, It Works Every Time

Albert Bourla, CEO of the snake oil company we can’t even mention, admits his defective product doesn’t work.

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  1. My boss immediately suffered a heart attack and died, after receiving his vaccine…I lost my job. (The hospital actually commented on what good condition my boss was in…but 'weirdly' his heart gave out)
    My girlfriend (who I split bills with) developed a heart condition immediately after receiving her vaccine, and currently is unable to work…
    (I never got vaccinated, and my heart is currently fine…go figure)
    It honestly seems to me, these particular vaccines are among the worst things to ever befall humanity…
    …and they only cost trillions! Yaay!

  2. Bruh
    I'm South African
    I live in KZN
    Our province was one of the hot spots for covid cases and yet very little went and got the vaccine and even less went for a second shot
    And now covid is almost gone here
    The media is lying
    We don't were masks anymore and only 19% of the country is vaccinated
    The US media is very manipulative and is very misleading

  3. Latest studies show that Ivermectin is FAR superior to "Paxlovid" when it comes to treating covid, even though they are almost identical, chemically. But it is a generic drug that big pharma cannot make real money from, so it is banned.

    Edit: Sad to hear that the piece of shit named Albert Bourla is "doing well", rather than "dying alone in agony".

  4. Boy I’m waiting to see what happens to these peoples bodies in the coming years as this live trial of a “vaccine” from god knows what continues maybe the 6 shots and 9 boosters will do something who knows

  5. And who is albert bourla? Skip over the first few answers which easily come to mind, because once you see it, you’ll notice this answer is present in many of those who are corrupt and evil.

  6. Paxlovid actually prolongs symptoms. 🤣🤣🤣 It makes it worse. But what do you say to people who believe the PCR tests actually can test for covid, that the shots work, that masks stop transmission of viruses?

  7. Deep down these people have to know what they’ve done is evil and just because their marching orders came from the government and mega corporations doesn’t excuse the lies and harm they’ve spread.

  8. It's the same as the flu, wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough. Unless you have been mistreating your body and are morbidly obese, no need for the vaccine, save them for the weak and the elderly.

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