60K+ Hollywood Workers AUTHORIZE STRIKE In Dramatic Showdown Over Wages

Krystal and Saagar cover the news that workers behind the scenes in Hollywood are going on strike for better wages in what could be the start of a surge in labor militancy

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  1. I understand why they are striking with the changing landscape of the entertainment business but I had to roll my eyes at Krystal's description of how overworked they are.

  2. We need strong Unions again. Too bad the fake “we stand with the working class” Dems and fake “American first” Republicans will never support the Unions….

  3. I truly hope they get better wages and working conditions. The companies should pay people better and treat people better. However, people stay in this industry because they have a passion for making movies. If the conditions/pay is not any good, then go find a new job, one they don't have a passion for. The turn over at production companies allows a lot of people the opportunity to be part of making movies/TV shows. When they start paying more, that turn over will end and it will be impossible to ever get a job in the entrainment industry.

  4. We don't get health care (unless you're a CIA employee).
    We barely manufacture anything other than military hardware.
    If you go to college you'll be in dept for at least a decade regardless of weather you find work after.
    If the professional managerial class wants to stop socialism from squeezing their precious "free market" ; they had better get their shit together soon. They've got the most to lose

  5. Hollywood lost hundreds of billions during Covid. These people are idiots. That said… Celebrities acted very badly during Trump years so they have earned bad outcomes.

  6. Hollywood is overwhelmingly liberal… and just like liberal communities, the reality is “liberal issues” are BS to be trampled by greed.

  7. Workers produces millions in product's and services while the few profit. If challenged we are warned that the cost will be passed on. When it works it called Capitatim and its a beautiful thing, then greed sets in. America feels like its in a basket ball game, where the rich are up 98 to 2(poor) at half time and refuse to even put the b team in. You work your life away to make it home and watch people live your fantasy knowing you put in at least as much effort but this is a close as you get.

  8. At the end these companies are just going to raise membership prices higher to pay their workers. None of the higher ups are going to take a pay cut 🤦🏽

  9. American 🇺🇸 workers are standing up across the country essentially fighting for basic human rights – the right to live. When will people realize that the “Red & Blue” gangs in DC aren’t in it for your interest – wake up.

  10. Hollywood is trying to win the approval of the CCP so they can run movies in China. This is the reason Hollywood has gone 'woke'. US audiences are not into 'woke' but Hollywood are not concerned about them.

  11. I find it interesting how unions are considered bad for the little guys. But Pilots, Professional sports Players, have a union. If unions are good for pro baseball players, why are they not good for a warehouse worker, or an average employee who has basically no leverage or rights in the workforce.

  12. If you don't make enough money to support yourself, and you stay at that job, there MUST be some other reason that makes it worth staying. You don't quit, because you know there are others that will jump at the opportunity to take that job, for those same reasons.

    If everyone quit these jobs that supposedly underpay, then they would have to pay more to attract employees. If you're in a position to strike, that's even better.

    It sucks that these people showed up at these jobs, and they weren't in a great position right away. They'll have to work to make the job better. I have very little sympathy for those who work these terrible jobs, don't quit, and just complain instead of doing something about it.