62% Of Americans Want A Third Party.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I have just realised that every video that is something Google doesn't want you to see has about a million commercial breaks. This video and anything by the Grey Zone has breaks every 2 mins. I guess I will have to watch this a few times more. Hope you are getting paid for this Jimmy.

  2. sounds like an opportunity for those who want to be haves to be bought out by international corporations (we can watch people like aoc and all the other leftist turn coats) just organize to get the best candidates on every state and federal ballot.

  3. Me too, I m not American but I wish a People's Party to excist in USA. As someone said, USA doesnt need a third party………..but a SECOND one!

  4. would be great if you could build one website where everyone can register the same simple way, that is then trough use of APIs processed in accordance to that state rules. but something tells me there's no APIs to do any of these

  5. How bout back to basics? No taxation without rep. Not special interest, and or lobbyist. Have good property ownership policies ex data, housing, and ownership of your opinion. Solidify it all with 2and amendment, have it so they bring back basic skills back. How to properly use, and maintain firearms, first aid, basic financial literacy, balance your budget, checkbook. Work yourself into the edu and labor unions. Co-OP orange vests teach people critical thinking, use the internet as a tool to funding

  6. Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell keep being re-elected just shows false hope and continued trust in bad leadership is easier that doing your homework and voting others in. Dick Durbin in Illinois has long needed to be gone, but hey, political corruption in Illinois goes back generations. Go along to get along. Term limits is needed in Illinois and nationwide.

  7. A CORRECTION, though minor: economies can be only properly compared on a real currency value basis: purchasing power parity (PPP). So no, California's economy is not bigger than Russia's (its economy is way bigger: about as big as Germany's). Still more than enough to do any social program, of course.

  8. I agree that a true 3rd party is an important thing due to the 2 party establishment controlled opposition. However, be mindful of the establishment's talent to co-op and marginalize anything anti establishment.

  9. LOL! Peoples Party? Really? Just a bunch of communists that will build a killig field if they get power. How can anyone in their right mind take these guys seriously?

  10. The problem is both parties have it rigged at the state level to make sure no third party can succeed. What would a People's Party be anyway? Pro-war? Anti-health care? Libertarian on m.j. That would actually characterize a lot of so-called independent voters.

  11. they just put forward a bill to basically rig elections in the favor of the major parties. they are going to squash this shit so hard with everything they can. slander, smear. the Washington mafia doesn't like competition. but good luck.

  12. We believed in Bernie and the justice Democrats and they betrayed us. How do we know that people party is not going to do the same.
    I think not party is going to work if we still have corrupters like Wall Street and CIA , Black Water and other Institutions that will find the way to bend the members or neutralize them.
    I think there is not going to be trust for long time.

  13. There actually needs to be a third and a fourth party. While there are populists on both the left and the right that have more in common than most people think, ultimately they could not coexist in a single party. So each should start its own new populist party.