64% Of Germans RISE UP Against The EU

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0:00 Germans Become Eurosceptic

5:46 Eurozone In Crisis

7:80 EU Breaks Brexit Deal Terms

10:13 News In Your World

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64% Of Germans RISE UP Against The EU

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I think the truth be told we have all broken the terms of the deal – but clearly not forming a deal and keeping it is harmful to both the EU and UK. We will be better off with some co-operation hopefully people are not to idiotic to realize that is on the spirit of what the majority wanted – this Government was elected to get and keep a deal, even though that deal may not please everyone, it hardly ever could.

  2. It wouldn't matter if 94% of Germans rose up against the EU for the EU would ignore them as the the EU cares about it's citizens in theory but not in practice.

  3. I hope it does collapse? First they try to stitch up Britain and then they try to stitch up Ireland with their fishing and now they start on Canada and are even trying to stop the vaccine going there and on to the EU are making deals with China and that's the Germans and now we see 64%of Germans want out of Europe so it wont take long and down it will go because they have seen how they treat EU countries god help them.

  4. Perhaps people can see clearly now why Thatcher was forced out. She actually had Britains interests at heart and would never have given away so freely what, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg did and did well out of to boot.

  5. An amicable divorce is very rare right? The UK should practice good leadership and if the EU wants to put the nail in its own coffin so be it – but we need to consider we have responsibility to the security of the globe as after all it will directly impact us. I think this is one thing where our government may exercise some sense that we do not see from every gloating brexiteer, I am one but don't gloat too hard, – there's a lot to play for.

  6. The eu is gone past the point of no return ..the fuse is lit to make the whole club fall apart and can’t wait to see this happen .. trump got acquitted which is brilliant and the lies Democrats brought to senate were ridiculous .. so Eu watch out.., you ain’t seen the last of trump as you wished

  7. NHS is run like the EU as well. So many NHS trusts & expensive useless CEO's & their office staff & too many managers. I was injured in line of duty in NHS & proved NHS misled TWO inquiries & thankfully despite management lies I WON!

  8. It's also worth remembering the Germany is the only major EU member state which has broken the common Virus scheme and bought doses on its own behalf.

    It's surely no surprise that the EU is making things as difficult and expensive for the UK as possible (especially France). We expected this, which was one of the arguments for not bothering to have a Trade agreement with the EU at all. How long to Boris the buffoon wakes up ?

  9. YouGov (owned by senior Tories) ran a poll today that reveals that 3 out of four people think the Boris Johnson is a useless, lazy, dishonest tosser who has screwed up Brexit, the economy and Covid crisis.

    Why hasn't this channel covered this important British news?

  10. ? Great Reporting & Great Personal Triumph Story At The End To Offset The Bad News Happening In The World. Very balanced & well thought out content, thank you. ♥

  11. I think that the country's would succeed brilliantly if we could revert to the common market, why would you want a set up that is akin to the mafia decide what happens in countries they have little or no knowledge of. They have allowed mass migration without the consent of the people. The lifestyle that they have, is that of millionaires and throw the crumbs for the little people who are going to food banks to feed their children. I'm disgusted with them.

  12. Tousi attempts to mislead his followers by conflating two stories. First of all he lies by saying that MEPs have called on Von der Leyen to resign. How many? Well it turns out to be just one according to the Daily Express. His name is Jaak Madison and he is an MEP for Estonia. So using the plural was misleading but, in Tousi's case, deliberately misleading as it feeds into his fantasy narrative that the EU is going to collapse any day now. No really! I know we've been saying it for 22 years but this time it really is true!

    He then segways into a story about 70 MEPs calling for the resignation of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell whose visit to Russia enabled the Kremlin to score a propaganda victory over the EU regarding the treatment of Alexey Nevalny. Timed to coincide with his visit, three EU diplomats were expelled from Russia for their alleged participation in supposedly illegal Nevalny rallies. It was clearly a deliberate humiliation of Borrell and of course the EU.

    What Tousi wants you to do is to connect his lie about MEPs calling for Von der Leyen's resignation with the substance of a true story about Josep Borrell, thus wanting to create the impression in your mind that Von der Leyen's days are numbered. My personal view is that she should resign because of her abortive attempt to invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol to resolve a commercial dispute between the EU and Astrazeneca. But it's highly unlikely and no amount of lying and deception will make it come to pass. What is more likely is the review of the Commissioner's powers and some necessary adjustments to make it impossible for an EU Commissioner to behave in such a high-handed manner again.

  13. A slight problem with your narrative is that the Russians expelled diplomats because last week Germany Sweden and Poland expelled Russian diplomats. So it was a tit for tat

  14. I doubt breaking wto law's and there's will stop them from punishing the UK and other European countries. Just shows how much they care about people's lives in all the world. Dangerous games there playing with everyone.

  15. I took my wife yesterday to get her vaccine and as it was the end of the day they allowed me to have mine as there were spares left over. The local police force are also being vaccinated if there are spare vaccines available at the end of the day. The efficiency of our vaccine distribution is amazing and hats off to both the professionals and volunteers.