#65 China Is Getting Worse | Laowhy86 and SerpentZA

Joining us today from all our coronavirus self quarantine social distancing are the OG China YouTubers Laowhy86 and SerpentZA to talk about what life was like for them inside China. Highlights include being followed by the Chinese military, the PLA, and the dangers of drone shots.

Laowhy86’s YouTube Channel

SerpentZA’s YouTube Channel

Their Joint Channel ADV China

And the new ADV China Podcast


Written by China Unscripted


  1. Thanks for taking the time to listen. I've really want to work with these guys for quite some time now. Glad it finally happened. Be sure to check out their channels, if you haven't already.

  2. I lived in China for seven years and saw it go from pretty good/hopeful to nationalistic/unfriendly. My argument would be DON'T VISIT. Don't give the CCP your business. Look at Hong Kong.

  3. "… viva la Americana…!
    BTW, the PRC doesn't recognize properties' Rights nor the real ownership of them… get off your own dreaming… days or nights…!"

  4. I read lots of you decide not visiting china as a form of punishing the government.on the contrary, I think actually more visiting is the way reducing censorship. They will have less energy for each person.

    My husband is European, he has been to china many times,. In 2019 he has been there for new year. So far, he hasn't encounter any problem, any checks. We followed some rules when visiting.such as never talking about polics and religion.

    China is an interesting country to visit, Normal Chinese people are very friendly towards foreigners.

  5. @34:27 … Yo. Drone laws WERE tighten in EVERY country around the world, they used to lax because drones were a new technology!… Who are these dumb interviewers?

  6. Imagine what would happen if a motorcycle gang of Chinese immigrants vlogged their way through the southern US and titled it "Conquering the Confederacy".

  7. Why do we refer to Chinese government as CCP whereas we never call the U.S. government as America's Democratic government or America's Republican party. We should just simply call Chinese government as Chinese government rather than CCP.

  8. Lowhy86 had a thrilling video about his "escape" from China and then got his family out. I was shivering with fear for him when he was warned the police were looking for him. I watched their channel when the Corona started and they were so informed about the hygiene in wet markets, and the country in general.

  9. The CCP sound like a selfish, petty, horrible, thing!
    They care only about status, they don't like losing. I even feel for the kids. It's like they only have kids for status not love, they marry for status not love. If only the CCP dopes would learn how short life is but they'd probably get angry that death is above them, will beat them. The CCP is a selfish, spoilt brat that needs a good smack!