67 Percent Say If Hunter Biden Corruption Is True, President Should Be Impeached | Larry Elder

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A poll shows 67 percent of people say that if the Hunter Biden laptop and corruption story is proven true, they want his father President Joe Biden impeached. President Biden has also reportedly paid the legal bills for Hunter’s business dealings with China. Meanwhile, 1.6 million illegal immigrants have been released into the United States during the Biden presidency. And the state that has the highest gas tax in the country and is planning to raise the gas tax is California.

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67 Percent Say If Hunter Biden Corruption Is True, President Should Be Impeached | Larry Elder
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  1. If it's true? I watched those videos before the 2020 election, I saw Hunter confessing to corruption and snorting drugs with a hooker!!! The media said it was Russian disinfo and social media blocked the story out! Now after they stole the election they are admitting it's true! We have lost our freedom of speech in America and the world, we must do whatever it takes to regain our first amendment rights. Social media has immunity from law suits given to them by our government, but they not supposed to sensor speech unless someone is breaking the law! We need to revoke this immunity because they are censoring everything they don't agree with, they will all be sued out of existence and they should be be, we are only in this mess because we have gotten lazy and we are not holding our leaders accountable, we must force them to DO THEIR DAMN JOBS!!! If the laws were followed we would not be in this mess but unfortunately most of our politicians are corrupt and deeply involved in the corruption. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE and start over.

  2. If he’s not impeached, it’s time we rise up as a population and overthrow the corrupt government with violence. We have numbers and it’s time we use it and take these corrupt politicians out by any means necessary. 7.62x54r

  3. Everyone knows joe is compromised look around look at his actions and his adm they are domestic enemies Trojan horses for the enemies JOE BIDEN and his entire adm work for Russia and China. And George Soros

  4. "IF" it's true?!?! WE KNOW AND HAVE KNOWN! They're just now to the point of acknowledging the laptop is even real… Nothing will ever happen, and we KNOW that is true as well. Why would they impeach the person they INSTALLED?!?!

  5. First off, every bit of it is true. In words and in actions. Joe Biden does not act in tbe country's interests. He is in fact a paid saboteur. Impeach him, remove him, try him. He may be faking his "dementia" to get away with his crimes.

  6. Like pelosi said about the illegals months go "these are your replacements". Think about it, they are given tones of handout and are not required to take the jab.

  7. Appointed, never elected.
    Joe and Hunter Biden are
    corrupt to the core. Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Pelosi should be tried for treason.The pay to play is
    over! Time to pay the bills.
    Why did Obama let Hillary Clinton sell uranium to Russia? Why did Russia give Joe Biden son Hunter 3.5 million dollars for what? For helping Russia pipeline? Then Joe Biden stops our pipeline. Why did Obama let Biden loan billion US tax dollars for Ukraine oil and gas industry? Or to get Hunter off the hook from the Ukraine prosecutor?
    How many people in congress are being paid by foreign country with kickbacks going through their family members? The big guy gets 10% screw socialism it doesn't work.

  8. Not only is the treasonous corruption true; what about all the child porn on his laptop? And he apparently filmed dozens of those himself AND had text messages on “pointers” of an 8 year old little girl Hunter was violating, at that time.
    I read some of those messages, and seen pictures (including Nadler and Dershowitz with small boys) from his laptop.
    They have since been pulled, can’t find them anymore🤬
    When does all THAT come out?!

    Let’s Go Brandon

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