A few months ago I had the privilege of being able to enter and see parts of western Syria. We went to see a few of the country’s major cities and ancient historical sights. Our trip was very emotionally challenging but also beautiful in many ways. Meeting Syrians, hearing their stories and capturing a small part of what the country looks like today was not a simple goal but one I hope you will enjoy joining me on. Sending lots of love to all of the Syrians of the world. Thank you for welcoming me and teaching me about your culture.

Thanks Ghaidaa for the best tour I could have possibly been on. If you want to follow her stories or travel with her, follow her on instagram at

Thank you Touma for helping me capture this trip! He has just released a video about what living in Syria is like, so please go watch it here ( and follow his Instagram

Thanks Fadi for opening so many doors for us to be able to see parts of the country few have been able to for a long time. Check his work out here:

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  1. As a Syrian citizen it is sad that he can go to Syria but i cannot, although i was abroad since before the war started but if i go back iam obliged to serve in military! Fighting with a military, government and dictator that is the first and last reason for everything happened in Syria!

  2. as a syrian watching this, i cant help but cry. cry for the people who are displaced and suffering because of conflicts they have nthn to do with. i am so thankful that you created this video and visited my country. i am so thankful that someone gave syria a chance and showed the whole world what amd how it is. thank you can never be enough to show my gratitude.

  3. Wow this was such a journey to watch. Absolutely loved it, I feel like Syria is a trip for your inner happiness and being happy from within. Thank you for this, absolutely incredible.

  4. The fact that this country can still function and show so much beauty after so many years of war is a miracle. How sick do people have to be to wreak havoc and cause so much pain, suffering, and destruction…

  5. SOLUTION; 2 United Nations General Assembly mandates for 1] Egypt to again administer Gaza like Sinai (as pre 1967) & 2] partition Syria for Kurd & Palestinian states😇

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