$70,000 A Year WOKE College HUMILATED Again! Gets Fined 4 Million & Dean Fired!

Woke College Gets Humbled! Check Out Bon Charge!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. put a lean on the college! any other institution would be handled by the courts, why can they stamp their feet like this? let's not forget the thieves. they deserve time equal to the losses of the court system having to deal with all of this. all these morons are just walking away and losing nothing… that is our system for you. there is a reason smoliet thought he could get away with it

  2. Oberlin should not only pay what they owe, but they should pay double. And that Dean should also be imprisoned for her actions. Everyone on their side (except maybe the three thieves who did admit that they were stealing) are absolute garbage people

    Edit: If Oberlin can't pay, then the entire college should be closed down and be removed from college accreditation

  3. Hey I work from time to time in Oberlin. I can say many of the students are largely political extremists, and will do anything to look good amongst their masked up peers.
    Either way that bakery makes some damn good baked goods, that would pair nicely with the excellent coffee from the nearby establishments.

  4. Seriously how and the hell do they always to find away to make it bout race wen they are the ones who burn down their own cities, they are the ones who try to shoplift and many other stuff….so explain how u blame the victim and try to claim racism

  5. RACIST oberlin college still lying. Drag this garbage back to court, suing them for quadruple what you originally won. America would be vastly superior if this college of hatred and racism would be bankrupted.

  6. Would it legally be possible to put a lien on Oberlin College till they pay up??
    A lien refers to a legal claim against property that can be used as collateral to repay a debt

  7. The students and staff harassed the family until the owner died of a heart attack. Every protester should be charged with first degree murder. But I'm willing to compromise and lock them up for reckless homicide.

  8. My college conveniently didn't submit my application for financial aid, claiming they needed some bs w2 from a job I worked at for 1 day, even though they had previously told me they had everything they needed. By this time the semester was over and so I had to pay out of pocket. meanwhile I see black/ Indian/ Asian and hispanic students getting free rides. FOREIGNERS GETTING FREE RIDES WITH LOWER GPAS AT A STATE SCHOOL. THATS WHERE YOUR TAX DOLLARS GO. They didn't want me there it was obvious. 20 dollars every meal and the food is sht and served by angry minorities. I also got called a straight white male like it was an insult constantly and accused of being a trump voter and racist for no reason. I started to kind of understand why so many school shooters are white.

  9. If Oberlin doesn't have the cash then they need to give the family the pink slips for the college itself. Land, buildings…etc… should come to some millions but really it would be best if 'someone' can buy the whole college and called it Musk Trump University. A university which specializes in producing producers. Not the Hollyweird kind either… but producers of commerce, technology, construction, engineering, software development, hardware development, software production, hardware production, transportation engineering and development, mineral engineering, mineral extraction experts in all forms and of course the bedrock of all of this will be in energy, the creation of energy, the supply of energy all with an eye to protecting our environment…. Yep, a graduate from Musk Trump U (formerly Oberlin College) will be a formidable human being indeed.

  10. God bless America there is hope 4 common sense proves that college is stupidly just get a job lossers my friends that didn't go to college are more successful then the idiots that wanted to party and prolong there sponging up of disinformation

  11. Sure would be nice if the school burned down on the same day the former dean crashed into a tree at 80mph with no seat belt on. I seriously hope the dean and everyone else involved in this from the school dies or suffers a horrible tragedy that destroys their lives. Evil people deserve to have evil things happen to them.

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