700000 Russian soldiers are causing Ukraine to collapse

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Recorded 1/31/2023.

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  1. This idiot from the CIA said absolute bullshit. Russia will win. The Russian army is superbly trained and armed. Putin has no problems in Russia. His support among the population is about 80%. The people rallied in their fight against Western aggression and in their hatred of the United States and Europe. NOTHING will change that. Douglas Macgregor is generally correct

  2. "Measure what you can win by what you can lose". That is indeed the question in this war, which the US power elites planned and started in 2015 to gain access to the Russian Federation via Ukraine, which they had almost achieved under Yeltsin. But Putin and his team have renewed Russia and rebuilt it in the historical tradition of the Russian Tsarist Empire, without aristocracy and with modern, democratic politics. Russians are doing better than ever. But the U.S. power elites, also known as the „Kazarian mafia“, or „Globalists“ want to put an end to this. They dream of being able to divide Russia into its indigenous regions and to exploit them economically and in terms of power politics according to the principle of "divide and rule". The U.S. military should beware of playing the servant, the helper in this matter through the power apparatus of the Deep State in the U.S., which also controls the Biden government. They are beholden to the American people, as President Trump has called for and done. The U.S. is in the process of destabilizing itself, helped by its support of the war against the Russians. I greatly appreciate your assessments based on your in-depth political experience and military skills. I, as a former soldier of the Bundeswehr, when it was still powerful in the 60s to the 80s, understand very well that NATO has become a tool of the Kazarian mafia. The danger is that Europe, when it has finally resisted the machinations of the US government and got rid of the puppets of the globalists, will move away from NATO and the USA. That would break "the West." Sven, a German in Sweden
    German: "Messen Sie, was Sie gewinnen können, an dem, was Sie verlieren können". Das ist in der Tat die Frage in diesem Krieg, den die US- Machteliten ja geplant und begonnen haben 2015, um über die Ukraine Zugriff auf die russische Föderation zu bekommen, den sie unter Jelzin fast erreicht hatten. Doch Putin und sein Team haben Russland erneuert und in der historischen Tradition des russischen Zarenreiches, ohne Aristokratie und mit moderner, demokratischer Politik wieder aufgebaut. Den Russen geht es so gut wie nie. Das aber wollen die US-Machteliten, man spricht auch von der „Kasarischen Mafia“ oder den „Globalisten“, beenden. Sie träumen davon Russland in seine indigene Regionen aufteilen zu können und nach dem Prinzip "Teilen und Herrschen" für sich wirtschaftlich und machtpolitisch ausnutzen zu können. Das US-Militär sollte sich hüten durch den Machtapparat des Deep State in den USA, der auch die Regierung Biden beherrscht, in dieser Angelegenheit den Diener, den Helfer zu spielen. Sie sind dem amerikanischen Volk verpflichtet, so wie das auch Präsident Trump gefordert und getan hat. Die USA sind dabei sich selbst zu destabilisieren, wozu auch die Unterstützung des Krieges gegen die Russen beiträgt. Ich schätze ihre Bewertungen auf der Basis ihrer eingehenden politischen Erfahrungen und ihr militärisches Können sehr. Ich, als ehemaliger Soldat der Bundeswehr, als sie noch kampfkräftig war in den 60er bis in die 80er jahre hinein, verstehe sehr gut das die Nato ein Werkzeug der Kasarischen Mafia geworden ist. Die Gefahr besteht, das Europa, wenn es sich endlich gegen die Machenschaften der US-Regierung zur Wehr gesetzt hat, und die Marionetten der Globalisten los geworden ist, sich von der Nato und den USA entfernen wird. Das würde "den Westen" zerbrechen. Sven, ein Deutscher in Schweden

  3. You've been making claims like this from the start and every time you've been proved more than wrong. If Russia is doing so well why the need for such a massive partisan mobilization and why they need to recruit so heavily from prisons? Why just yesterday from the IB times we have "Ukraine Successfully Eliminates 850 Russian Soldiers In One Day; Total Death Toll At 127,500"? Going to lie and claim that is propaganda while you hypocritically spew Russian state sponsored propaganda that have been doing for years?

  4. I have lived for many years in Germany. What you have to understand about Scholz is that he was involved in corruption and can easily be blackmailed by the US . Germany is still a conquered nation and pressure from the US has always formed Germanys politics.

  5. The usual cuts from Col. Macgregor . Ukraine is doomed. Imaginary figures of losses on both sides. West's help will make no difference etc. etc. yada yada Expect sweeping RU offensives & advances (that likely will never get off the ground). Its Ground Hog day so its all the same ole some old. This guy has been wrong about the course of the war (and Putin's true goals in it, along with RU capabilities) from the pre-war era to now month by month. Why would today be anything different??

  6. You seem to miss the entire point of the war in the first place. Point one is money laundering which is ongoing. Point two is impoverishing the middle class. The middle class must be driven into poverty before they can be driven into a digital prison. I expect Putin to continue to piddle fart for as long as the far more important underlying agenda is in play. The war is just window dressing.

  7. They will send some M1s, F-16s etc. They know it won't make a fundamental difference. But they do it so once its all over they can say "Look! We did everything! We gave so much! It was the Ukrainians who were incompetent and didn't listen to our advice! They refused to pull out of Backmut and they refused to take our warnings of a Russian attack back in Feb 2022 seriously! They were corrupt,incompetent and arrogant. They screwed up. Not us"

    Biden already laid the ground work for this argument last year when he criticised the Ukrainians for apparently not taking US warnings seriously just before Feb 24th. We saw the US do this back in 2021 when Afghanistan was conquered. "The Afghans were cowards who refused to fight! We gave them the best training and weapons!"

  8. It’s hard to see what’s driving this war other than short term military contracts and some abstract notion put forward by Georgie Soros about Russia as the last nationalist state.

  9. Wow, there are still sane people in America! This is very pleasing. When you look at Biden and what he does, one gets the feeling that they are absolutely crazy…

    German tanks are returning to Ukraine again after half a century and will fight against the Russians – this is madness! Any Russian turns on the genetic memory when he sees military equipment with a German cross, and here German tanks with crosses, the same as in 1941-45; against this background, even pacifists in Russia cease to be pacifists ..

  10. This guy is just wrong. Nobody threatens WW3 if they are doing well in a conventional conflict on the ground. Putin's support at home is becoming more untenable. When the Ukrainian's split the Russian forces in Zaporizhzhia thus cutting of Crimea Putin will be seen for what he is at home, a man who miscalculated, an isolated tyrant governing for his own deluded ego. The Russians and the poor of the world are paying for him.

  11. Col. I appreciate that the "Judge" serves a purpose. Having said that, the "Judge" uses YOUR platform, which seems intellectual and well informed, to interject his repetitive and biased views. His liberal, questionable political and abberant sexual deviations, well documented and long standing, detract, in my opinion, from the educational and geopolitical viewpoints that "we" the average dumbass would never have a chance to hear or understand. Thank you. From an old FMF Corpsman who fought with the 5th Mar Div in 1968-'69 in Northern I Corp.

  12. The former president of Ukraine engaged with Russia. Ukrainians were satisfied with the status quo. Foreign funded NGOs organized protests and fomented discontent. President of USA tells president of Ukraine to step down. Small faction of ultra-nationalists, titled Nazis by Russia, led by Zelensky gain power. That is where the comparison ends. As an EU UN NATO state Ukraine will become a multi-cultural nation in which their own native stock instead of being exclusive vanishes into oblivion.

    For more than fifty years a thinly-veiled hate campaign was carried out in Canada—which has a significant population of Ukrainian heritage—against Ukrainian ultra nationalists stemming from WWII portraying them as evil, to whom, ironically, NATO nations are now pledging full support.

    Ukraine was a democracy. Zelensky set up Ukraine to enter a conflict that gave him dictatorial powers. Ukrainians hated him and there were at least three attempts on his life. No matter what the outcome Ukraine is essentially finished as a country for its own people. Nearly half have fled. Few of child bearing age remain. Either the entirety will be recovered as Russian territory or the western portion will be absorbed by Poland and the eastern portion included with Russia. If NATO succeeds in driving out Russia then the country will be turned into an income producing unit for the chosen few. See footnote below:

    ¹³ Should Zelensky’s operation be successful, Ukraine is to be transformed into a nation of tenants struggling with financial Ponzi by placing a halt on the further use of land, causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach, adopting a process that proved effective in Australia and Canada, with rent at maximum levels extorted from residents and shunted directly into the pockets of the chosen few. The aggregate of rental income dwarfs revenue from taxation accruing to government. Ukrainians that realize their children cannot become established do not raise families. Their reward following a lifetime of hard work is to die homeless on the street. Massive immigration maintains population levels. The economy will function like one gigantic enterprise in which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native sons vanish into oblivion. Ukraine will be populated by others that are strangers to this land and not by the heirs of those that are fighting and dying.

    ¹² Dairy farming and beekeeping are significant endeavours in Ukraine. A former world leader knew that a land of milk and honey was not a sliver of arid sand and decided that Ukraine should be lebensraum for the 1000-years-Reich. The plenty of game and fish, the innumerable bee-hives, deposited in the hollows of old trees and in the cavities of rocks, and forming even in that rude age a valuable branch of commerce, the size of the cattle, the temperature of the air, the aptness of the soil for every species of grain, and the luxuriancy of the vegetation… (A.D. 244 during the reign of Emperor Philip).

    ² NATO leaders that are proselytes of the Cremation Cult, a Satanic creed, acquiesce to the little freeloader’s request for more, exalting this angel—of the fallen host—from the bottomless pit. To do otherwise is to be characterized a denier.

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