70’s Feminists Admit They Lied to Women

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  1. The trouble is the idea men had everything or could do it all the feminists made , was on ever level BS. So being more like men was not a doorway to full liberation merely one to opportunities good and bad.

  2. Feminists helped big companies to get double the workforce. Now both have to work, and couples are none the richer. And all the women who would like to be house wives or deadbeats lost their chance on their favorite way of life.

  3. 8:12
    Actually, Cosmopolitan isn't owned by women doing something to women.
    Cosmopolitan is owned and published by Hearst Communications.
    Find out who owns and runs that.
    Sorry and you're welcome.

  4. Women are pretty collectivist. They worry very much about the approval of the group, which is usually the approval of the loudest few in control of the rest, who tell them what the whole group wants. Even strong independent women I know seem obsessed with the approval of other women, to the point that they will fight for ideas that I know they don't really support.

    It's weird, most guys I know don't worry much about the approval of other guys, a part from maybe their boss or father in law. Even then it's just a show when that person is around.

  5. You will see something similar in 20 years time. Except rather than having screwed up loads of women's lives, you have will have lots of people who were rushed through gender treatments in their early teens having taken their lives. Then these scum excuse-for-journalist activists will be writing more click bait stories admitting to having been wrong.

  6. Playboy articles were top-notch back in the day. Much better than anything you will find today. Granted, it was generally from a left-libertarian POV, but 1. that would translate as a 'right-libertarian-populist' today, and 2. the context was different: it was a stodgy, stuffy conservative culture that needed at least a little loosening up.

  7. Not a fan abortion but what disturbs me is some people believe women should keep and raise children that were conceived by rape. WTF? How is that even fair?

  8. Total BS that women couldn't to to law school or med school or apply for credit in their own names in the '60s in the U.S. The credit issue is funny. Women who were married and didn't work didn't have personal income, so they could not get credit. Fyi, credit for married men has long been 'joint or single', as with accounts that could be set up as joint or not. Fyi, married women who had joint accounts with significant assets could get credit, but since the assets were jointly owned, both owners would have to sign.

    Women who worked could get credit in their own names. There was a married status that did mean that both spouses would have to sign as they both would be liable for the repayment.

  9. Being fired for being pregnant never sounded like it was misogyny on the boss's part, it always sounded to me like they just didn't want to pay for maternity leave so they took the employee off the payroll entirely.

  10. I love seeing these crusty man haters die alone and I look forward to the same thing happening to the 4th wavers do the same several decades from now

  11. The reason why women's lives have improved over the last 30 years is because everyone's lives have improved. Their happiness and well being haven't because they were brainwashed into believing that their lives hadn't improved.

  12. So this Feminist admitted that basically she helped destroy the American Family and Family Oriented Culture… Couldn't that be considered "Literary Genocide"?

  13. It's just a shame that these walking tumours won't live long enough to see the west crumble to dust by their hand.

    The west is dead, we just prod the corpse every now and again and pretend that we are not witnessing the end of freedom and enlightenment.

    Time to go.

  14. Most women feel and don’t think. They think with their heart. Which is why eve ate the apple when the snake manipulated her. Now you see the media doing the same to them over again. But coz of all the soy feminism is increasing. It’s as if this was planned ?

  15. Look up "liberty torches".

    Basically the right to smoke was done by a ad campaign to get more smokers.

    Alot of this is just marketing. They a product or a way of living so that that market can sell more products.

  16. Now you get fired for not being vaccinated, heeyoooh!
    Todays Feminism tripled down on the lies of 60s/70s Feminism.
    So Errin Pizzey was right, I think Feminists need to apologize to her.
    Everything radical Lefties do is shortsighted.