73 Agencies (including IRS) Use SECRET Stingray Devices to Track American Citizens

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🔵 Sekur:

🔵 Stingray Operations:

🔵 Obama Spying Directive:

🔵 Biden Revocation:

🔵 Congressional Report:

🔵 DOJ Guidance:

🔵 ACLU Report:

🔵 US Marshalls in Florida

🔵 Stingray in North Carolina:

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  1. Why not report on why the government feels the need to treat us as enemy combatants, Ref: Trading with the enemy act 1917.
    Also why are there different classes of citizens in this country? What is a U.S. citizen? What is a U.S. national? What is the old definition of "federal". Federal is contractor. We have a foreign owned federal ( contract ) government that is supposed to follow the Constitution. They don't and they are treating as 14th amendment debt slaves

  2. If we don't reel in our government we wont have any liberty left. We must ALL fight to keep our COnstitution!! Thank you Roman!!! You are the best…love listening to you

  3. There are too many corrupt Republicans in leadership positions. If we want to clean the Democrat's house, we need to clean our own first. Demanding term limits would be a good start. The longer these people stay in Washington the more the corruption rubs off on them, regardless of party.

  4. This article only furthers personal suspicions. A predator drone, some times escorted by Apache's, flying nearly directly over my house weekly at 2pm on the dot…no nothing suspicious at all I'm certain.

  5. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about, I think the majority of us have nothing to hide from the government, meaning if you don’t pay( your taxes) you can’t play( get loans for homes or cars or get credit) you are going to be living a low grade life trying to play that game, it’s like Vegas the house( gov) always wins, way she goes, or maybe I’m just boring.

  6. It was said you have to understand the beginning… To know the end.
    When and where do this evilness start at, and what is the purpose.
    Conquer Good, to replace with evil.
    Sure there is battles from the beginning of time, who has been conquering the world? Is the Millon Dollar Question ⁉️.
    The answer is quite simple, there is a bully out there it's been conquering the world. Regime change is being applied to these United States of America—· as Russia is biblical as America want Putin out of the way, so that America can focus on Iran.
    Point is that our military has been conquering the world since the revolution war against the British. The End—·

  7. At 00:07 in the video.

    I will not mention the name / nickname of the person(s) who posted the statement in the public forum section of 'MLive', because I don't have their permission.

    However this quote was frequently posted – stated from the late summer of 2003 to fall of 2004 by a person/persons who seemed to despise both of the two major political parties in the United States.

    Looking back over these years, it seems that the prediction is accurate.
    Also, the actions taken by Mr. Barack Hussein Obama (At the time.) were little more than security for his administration, that's why we have now found out about all of the insane communications during the years that followed.

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