77 MPs Rebel Against Boris

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  1. Boris is just another opportunistic sleaze bag. He showed some flashes of mimicking Trump's populism when he saw its benefits, but never really did anything for the populace. Here he is, acting like any other EU authoritarian drone.

  2. Conservative infiltration proved to be devastating against the Brexit Party, effectively denying a party more popular than the Conservatives from having even one MP. So perhaps we need a mass infiltration of the conservative party to happen.

  3. Was in hospital for an extended time while all this was going on & denied any visitors on Boris' command. Bleak but completely unsurprising to know they were partying all throughout. The hospital was completely fine btw, at the "height" of it. Had a hunch but seeing is believing, it's all lies.

  4. They have VERBALLY spoke out against it… I am willing to bet the number that actually vote for anything are much lower. It is just rats fleeing a sinking ship, but they still want first claims on the salvage.

  5. The thing with these models. They always think they stopped it happening. Like the vaccines that didn’t work. But still stopped millions of deaths but didn’t stop a single infection or transition Because the vaccines didn’t work twice so it will work this time. And they queue up.

  6. I got the first vaccine because I was convinced that it would help to speed along the return to 'normal'. I fully regret it now, and will not be getting any further boosters or updated doses. I will not comply with compulsion, if I enter a business and they require I wear a mask I will as it is THEIR right, but if my government says I have to I will not as that is MY right.

  7. They shouldn't be allowed to create rules that they can't follow. Look at the police in Germany they were a part of a crowd using a measuring stick to keep people 6ft a part but they themselves can't keep 6 feet from you, making them hypocrites.

  8. Same here in Canada. Everything is based on flawed models and clear assumptions like
    “any child who stays home due to illness WILL be counted as a Covid case.”
    Health Canada announced that back in August, and now they hold up “increased rates in children” as the reason to give them the jab.
    And where is our Conservative party? Counting the money Trudeau have them.
    Premier of Ontario Doug Ford was against the vaccine passports, until Trudeau bribed the provenience with an extra billion in funding to anyone who fell in line.
    Ford announced his 180 the day after.

    Talking isn’t going to solve this.
    Frankly, I’d rather die fighting these authoritarians rather than living UNDER them.

  9. This "kids in front of the class" thing…actually never happend in Germany. Anywhere. Ever. Or the firing on grounds of suspicion. You might fact check your shit once in a while. And, fuck, to make this clear: I am conservative. I guess what I am trying to say is: put in at least a minimal effort not to look like the insane left.

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