78,800 🇦🇺 Aussie Side Effects 😯 10,000 Sue 👨‍⚖️ Government Compensation 👏

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  1. Here in Australia the government's Database of Adverse Events website shows there have been 79605 reactions to the 4 different vaccines available here resulting in 650 deaths as of the 6th of this month. Pretty bad when you consider not even 2000 people have died of covid here..

  2. FDA have just released a report. It states that the jabbed, after 6 months, deaths are 24% higher than if not jabbed.

    Why are we still being pushed to have this poison🤔

  3. Just to note you cannot sue in the UK. The Government declared themselves and big Pharma exempt for all liability, something you agree to when you take part in the medical experimental jibby

  4. Apart from suing for compensation payment, it would be nice if these 10,000 people could perform a valuable public service and get interviewed and tell their stories on some of the YT channels that are fighting vaccine mandates.

  5. I’m actually in two minds over these claims 🤨 on the one hand the government should pay for pushing it but on the other hand self responsibility for not actually doing the research and just blindly going with what your told. especially when there’s a whole section of society raising warnings 🤷‍♀️ btw I’m never having this poison !!!

  6. Just had an outbreak of the virus in a few households near us and they have all been doubly jabbed (if not triply). No-one ended up in hospital and though they all felt ill with flu like symptoms, they all seem to have recovered. Yet not one of them is questioning whats going on and will probably line up for more jabs to come.

  7. Which explains WHY the FDA are trying to get the va’cine trials data sealed for…. wait for it ……. 55 years! 55 years and this is not a mis-print or fake news! 😡😡😡😡

  8. Two of my neighbor's got double JABBED and was coerced into getting the booster shot. 3 days later one died in Kings college hospital London and the other was found dead in his flat a week later by a concerned neighbor.

    Coincidence? .I think NOT. . Graphene Oxide 🤔💯

  9. We need much more of this employers need to be sued as well if they make you take it or you lose your job because you made a choice not to take it which is known as freedom

  10. So if a government mandates the jab, and you die or are injured from it, an experimental proceedure, is it murder, manslaughter, or assault. You were coerced, don't you have a case for the government to answer in court? The British governments own figures show over a million adverse reactions, and some 1700 dead!

  11. As the days tick by the serious of the side effects will exponentially increase…with each booster the horror will multiple.
    My red line was injecting children…this is where good men fight.

  12. Actually – as regards the United States – it looks like – because of a "PREP Act" and the vaccine's emergency use authorization basis – one can't sue for a "jab injury" – there's some Federal Govt hand-out available but nothing like the compensation that could be obtained in a "personal injuries action" – "tough love" from "Uncle Sam" on this one (whether it be "The Donald" or "Sleepy Joe").

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