8 Months of Stimulus Just Unraveled

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  1. Some conditions sound like those that generate a deflationary spiral (hoarding money) but with the added twist that inflation is rising (partially in housing, which seems in part spiked by wealth snapping up property with cash for 40% + asking and businesses jacking prices rather than increasing production for several reasons including because they can). I can only wonder if people are hoarding money because of housing insecurity. Stagflation, without the excuse of gov policy being central; businesses want to recoup their losses by any means. Jacking prices is the easiest thing.

    Lovely Money Syndrome. Wörgl solved the issue of hoarding money after a recession and in general stamp script or demurrage kept the velocity of money constant when these mechanisms were used. A CB could then manage the money supply easily with this guaranteed exchange. Economies really become frail or ill when its lifeblood, the means of exchange is leeched from it or is in over supply.

  2. I am totally confident that Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress will be able to prevent any further crises. President Biden took immediate emergency action upon assuming office, and he got the pandemic under control (contrast this with his megalomaniac predecessor). The Democrats then stimulated the economy without wasting time debating and deliberating, and thus prevented a major depression. The Democrats do what needs to be done. Democrats in office put personal gain and vanity aside, and focus only on the Big Picture. The Democrats are the most selfless, conscientious, heroes of legislation and politcs of all time.

  3. The economic fallout was 100% caused by the government shutdowns. They used COVID as an excuse, but the blame and core cause was government ineptitude at all levels.

  4. Took a bunch of money and paid down my mortgage. I figured whatever happens in the future financially, it's better to face it with as little debt as possible.

  5. Well its not suprising – it would be very unusual if inflation didn't rise when printers at Fed go wrrrrrr. Current inflation is quite "shortage driven" since supply chains got severed and there is shortage of… pretty much everything. Just wait till circulation come back, inflation will be huge and gov debt will make it impossible to rise intrest rates. Fun times ahead.

  6. People aren’t spending money anymore

    Yeah because we’re broke. 43 percent of this country can’t afford all the necessities of life anymore. Robber barron all over again.

  7. The stimulus was anything but stimulating. When every single item needed for basic survival escalates in price almost daily , a few hundred dollars does nothing.